NPMHU: USPS Voluntary Early Out Retirement comes without monetary incentive

The Postal Service unilaterally announced earlier today that it is offering Voluntary Early Retirement (VERA) to eligible mail handlers throughout the United States.  This VERA comes without any monetary incentive payments to retire, and simply makes early retirement available to eligible employees.


More detailed information will be widely circulated to all eligible mail handlers, directly from the Postal Service, during the coming weeks.  In general terms, to be eligible to retire under the VERA, an employee must have completed 20 years of service and be at least age 50, or have completed 25 years of service and be of any age.  There will be three options to choose as a retirement date in 2018 – January 31, February 28, and March 31.  In the meantime, we wanted to ensure that all Local Unions and all members were informed that the process for implementing this opportunity for voluntary early retirement has been initiated.

View the Voluntary Early Retirement Offer Issued by the USPS on January 4, 2018 (pdf)

9 thoughts on “NPMHU: USPS Voluntary Early Out Retirement comes without monetary incentive

  1. Please offer this for ALL employees!!!
    Been in the post office 33 years and STILL CAN’T RETIRE DUE TO AGE! Too young!!!
    Please let me out of this place!!!

  2. Time for all the Toolbags down in the Spa in DC to get back
    into the crafts and bail out. One way to reduce the bloated
    management payroll. Time for Muffin Meghen to rid the
    Service of these useless toolbags and restore the integrity
    of the PO. Safety in numbers right Meghen.

  3. Yet the Service is still hiring and any RIF has to start at the bottom. All the union is doing is quoting OPM regs regarding VERA, as if they have had anything to do with it.

  4. How about the NPMHU take the same position as the APWU, no go until you fo;;ow the contract and come to us first to negotiate this and then the union president to sign off on it?

  5. its not a buyout…..its a get out! these unions as are useless as tits on a bull. how about doing a little lobby work with your democrat friends. President Trump has already raised the buyout limit from 25K to 40K without OPM approval. he is on board….how about some representation for once.

    • bill, I took the early out in May 04. No money just glad to get the hell out! Retired at 53. 14 years in May. You can’t beat it, glad I prepared for it! You cant take it with you. I have enjoyed traveling the world. You saps that are staying for a couple more bucks! Get a life!

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