NRLCA membership approves new 3-year contract with USPS

The National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA) membership has ratified a new three-year labor contract with the Postal Service.

The contract covers approximately 119,000 employees represented by the union.

NRLCA membership approves new contract with USPS

NRLCA represents approximately 119,000 USPS employees.

Highlights of the agreement include annual general wage increases, a reduction in the employer share of health premiums, and the preservation of workforce structure modifications achieved during a collective bargaining process in 2010.

Additionally, the Postal Service will create an employee category, assistant rural carrier, to handle weekend and holiday parcel deliveries.

“Overall, this contract results in continued restraint in rural carrier labor costs while giving the parties the opportunity to focus on the ongoing major task of establishing and implementing new engineered work standards for rural carrier employees,” said Labor Relations VP Doug Tulino.

The new agreement, announced in February, runs through May 20, 2018.

source: USPS News Link

29 thoughts on “NRLCA membership approves new 3-year contract with USPS

  1. Only using postal math will one somehow equate 2 years one month as being equal to 3 years…

  2. Do Rural Carriers really pay union dues to be in what has always been known as one of Managements Unions. Good thinking people electing
    Jeannette Dwyer as your president. Might be time to do a little research before electing a Union President that would agree to settle a Union Contract for a net Pay Cut due to Health Premiums being raised more than the raises to your pay. Good job getting some Rural Carrier Assistants to cut your hours and the RCA’s, no more working on weekends and holiday for you. Have a good 3 years living with this.
    Let’s elect Jeannette Dwyer for another term (as assistant Postmaster General).

    • As with Cliff Goofy, even though she’s paid by the union,she works for the PMG,not the members. The Rural Carriers are fools for ratifying this and not shutting down their garbage union and joining with the NALC.

  3. Why do some employees still think our unions are fighting for the rank & file? Get a grip people…they aren’t doing anything for us!

    • Hello, really? Are you serious? Do you think the United States Postal Service WANTS to pay you more the prevailing wage? pay any share of health and tsp and life insurance?? I think if it wasn’t for the Union you’d be getting a grip working two or three jobs.

  4. Great, now we know what Rolando is going to get for the city carriers. Absolutely nothing again. These unions are about as bad as there is yet we are told repeatedly to get all employees to join. Why? we are supposedly making all this $ now and we still get screwed

  5. We would have lost big in arbitration. An arbitator would have taken in to consideration the postal rate cut that started on April 10th. Arbitrators always factor in the financial status of the USPS. I know that the USPS is making money but on paper they are losing and that is what an arbitrator will go by. Remember that this is only a 3 year contract and that new evaluation standards will be implemented before the contract ends. I suggest that you compare this contract with the last one and that you also educate yourself on the time study.

  6. so, are we going to get back pay for all the time they spent “ratifying” our new contract? When are the new wage increases going to apply?

    • Numbskull,you aren’t getting wage increases since those great 1.3% increases will be pretty much offset by the increase in your contribution to your healthcare premiums.Thank god our president isn’t as incompetent as Jeanette Dwyer,the NRLCA president.

  7. The Postal Unions always brag that they got such a fantastic contract its there way to try and snow its membership!!!!!

  8. I have no idea what you just said. It states that wages will be raised and health insurance will be less cost.

      • Really!?

        Do you remember the NALC getting rewarded with a whole step increase in 1999 via arbitration?

        And I’m guessing you think this contract is a “WIN” for rural carriers?!

        WOW! JUST WOW!!!!

        The race to the bottom continues.

    • It says wage increase but you’ll pay more for your health plan so that will negate the raise if you get 1.2% raise at the top step it’s about $12 a week so if your health plan costs more than that it’s a give back by the union.

    • “Highlights of the agreement include annual general wage increases, a reduction in the EMPLOYER share of health premiums,”

      Hopefully that helps you get an idea about what I just said…

    • Read it again numb nut! health insurance cost to the employee goes up and pretty much offsets those puny raises!

      • I’m a city carrier and holy shit u guys are dumb! When I read reduction in employer share of health premiums to me it means increase in employee share of said premiums!!! Please check your rides for exhaust leaks; sounds like some of you are inhaling to many fumes!!

    • It states that there will be a wage increase, but a reduction in how much USPS contributes to health insurance premiums. In other words, a slight increase in our pay, but also an increase in how much we are paying for health insurance. This is equivalent to a pay cut.

  9. We have never ever won anything with an ARBITOR… You seem not to know the facts and history with arbitors. Go back to sleep..

    • The unions have always done better in arbitration in years when management tries to play hardball with the unions. You think if Dimondstein was president of the APWU in 2011 and they refused to give away anything an arbitrator would have given management any of the giveaways Goofy Guffey sold them down the river for?

    • The NRLCA has always been the weakest of the four postal unions,many rural carriers question it being a real union, certainly Jeanette Dwyer,the president is a Megan Brennan puppet.

  10. I think they’d have gotten a better deal through arbitration. This contract equates to agreeing to a pay cut. I’m sure the increases in compensation are more than offset by “the reduction in employer share of health premiums”. What a crying shame!!!!!

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