Oklahoma postal worker collapses on the job from intense heat exhaustion

dennisOKLAHOMA – It’s now day five of scorching temperatures.

We’ve been under a heat alert since Tuesday.

So far, 29 people have been victims of the dangerous heat, five of them today alone.

Friday morning emergency crews were called after a postal worker collapsed on a route he works every day.

There is no escaping the sun while delivering mail.

Many people don’t realize the conditions they work through because mail carriers make it look easy.

But this past week’s temperatures were different.

6 thoughts on “Oklahoma postal worker collapses on the job from intense heat exhaustion

  1. Captn salty, your brain has been pickeled from exposure to seawater. Ask any postal carrier who also served in the military and they will tell you that they were respected more and treated better in the military than in the Postal Service. If you never carried mail where the supervisors are out watching the carriers and making sure they don’t take a necessary break from the heat, then you don’t know s**t.

  2. Iraq, Afghanistan, Viet Nam ~~ guys carry more weight in higher temps, with higher humidity. They get paid a lot less and get shot at ~~~ and you whine!

  3. ITAV have you ever carried a route? Do you even now what our job entails? Two things wrong give me a break. We had a carrier die in the Boston area last year. He was forced to do overtime on a day it reached 100 degrees. He was told to finish his route. He was never checked on by any management that day. They have a responsibility to each employee to provide a safe work environment in and out of the facility. You know nothing about this employee. The Postal Service will curtail delivery for blizzards, hurricanes and even gun toting terrorists running around neighborhoods but when it comes to heat we hear nothing but stay hydrated. His mistake is working for this uncaring organization. Boycott Staples!!!

  4. the carrier did two things wrong, no hat or sun hat that is available at the uniform store, and he did not have a wet towel around his neck, both things may have helped a little, still he was doing the best job he could, with this heat.

  5. Sounds to me like an unsafe work practice, and time wasting practice. Time for a PDI. The carriers must work harder so that management can rest more!

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