Omnibus spending bill retains 6-day delivery, but no provision to halt USPS plant closures

usps network rationalizationCongress was able to come to an agreement on the $1.01 trillion 2015 omnibus spending bill.

U.S. Senator Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.), Chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, announced today:

“The Appropriations Committees on both sides of the dome, the House Appropriations Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee working as a conference committee, have completed their work. This legislation is now, as we speak, heading to the Rules Committee in the House. Hopefully, it will head to the House floor tomorrow and be on the Senate floor tomorrow night and into Friday. ”

“And this means no government shutdown, no government on autopilot. We fund the government through the rest of fiscal year 2015.”

The bipartisan omnibus spending bill retained language calling for six-day mail delivery service, language that has been part of such bills for more than 30 years. But bill ignored the plea from Congress, unions and others to delay closing/consolidation of 82 postal facilities starting in January 2015.

The bill’s provisions are below:

omnibusThe agreement includes $70 million of which $41,000,000 will not be available for obligation until October 1, 2015 for mail for the blind and overseas voters. The bill also provides the requested levels of $15 million for the Postal Regulatory Commission and $244 million for the USPS Inspector General.

18 thoughts on “Omnibus spending bill retains 6-day delivery, but no provision to halt USPS plant closures

  1. Dear Veterans…. I just want all you veterans who served this great nation to know that Sen. Coburn ( R ) just blocked a Senate bill that would’ve helped veterans that are dealing and thinking about killing themselves. Senate suicide bill would’ve past but Coburn has it blocked it ( nobody knows why )… Thanks, you’re a piece of shit!! P.S. Enjoy your wonder federal pension that you politicians get.. WORTHLESS REPUBLICANS!!!!!

  2. Instead of Congress looking for ways to dismantle the Postal Service it should be looking for ways to use it. For example, everyday carriers go door to door if the FBI and ATF were to work with the Postal Service they could teach carriers what to look for to help weed out terrorists, drug factories, drug dealers, gun runners, and even illegal immigrants. Think of that Congress when you are telling the American People that you are doing everything you can to fight the war on drugs or terrorists and the spike of illegal immigrants in the country. There are stories everyday of how a carrier saves someone’s life from a fire or stroke, but they never get much credit for all the good they do everyday and all the lives they have helped save.

  3. End it all…..close Industry PDC! Ship everyone off to Anaheim where a real union exists. Screw the local apwu union! Thieves and liars they are!

  4. if Fred and co. would have agreed to 5 day delivery, maybe the plants could have stayed open…. not saying they would have for sure, but there may have been enough savings there to at least delay it a couple of years…… but once again Freddy was looking out for his own interests’ and lining his pockets…… he formed this “union alliance” with the other union brass but was thumbing his nose at them the whole time…… when the carriers weren’t getting raises early in the contract, why did he continue to receive one? anyone who thinks this guy isn’t crooked, better look again….. he isn’t helping any of us- clerks or carriers

  5. A white yes I said it a white women, wearing glasses telling it like it is! Standing up to show you don’t need balls to be a strong leader of the people doing the right thing for all! We found our next President!

  6. TonyB. First off, the republicans that were voted in this year are not in office yet. They won’t be sworn in until Jan 2015. So, technically, it’s still a Democratic Congress. Both parties are dragging their feet on this subject. Neither party wants to take a stand on whether to keep the postal service intact. They all just want this to go away. Unfortunately, we are all going to suffer the consequences on this decision.

    • The Republican controlled house has blocked bills from immigration to post office. You want to blame someone blame the people in that house who are afraid to co-operate with each other.

  7. That’s what ya get when you vote for Republicans. Blame yourselves! What Democrat was campaigning to privatize Social Security, slash Medicare, slash Medicaid, charge higher interest rates on student loans, slash public education on endorse charter schools, slash veterans salary and benefits, get rid of EPA and tons more devasting measures to hurt middle class and poor Americans.. Oh can’t forget ISSA and ROSS kept proposing damaging bills to kill the Post Office sooner.. Guess who??? REPUBLICANS…. This country is moving backwards in time, not forward.. Oh yeah, can’t forget the HUGE corporate subsidies that Walmart, Exxon, UPS, Apple, and all the Fortune 100 companies get.. Enough said…

    • “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, vote for me and I’ll set you free…..rap on brutha…rap on!” And the band played on!

  8. What’s this more hidden measure? A campaign finance law for your big Bussines buddies who we all know are or soon to be running this country, taking away more of the American people’s voice.

    “These legislative provisions, if they become law, will be the most corrupting campaign finance legislation ever enacted.”

    Corruption is our furture.

  9. Are we all looking to pay more into our retirement which is a pay cut in this bill? An with less in return? What about Cola’s?

    And what about all the other present an furture American workers pensions Congress is screwing over in this Back door Bill.

    IMO our Goverment is nothing but a bunch of self righteous a-holes, both parties an both branches.

    How low they will they go in these lame duck bills says it all.

    Next up the contracts where more will be giving up in pay an benefits.

    But look at their pay an benefits paid for on the back of the tax payers, take the PMG package alone. This pisses me OFF!

    • Sure looks that way- nothing to stop the change in service standards due on Jan 5, then the closures- Congress won’t stop it, Donahoe not retiring until Feb 5 (like he was going to stop it anyway), Brennan has been licking his boots (or something like that) for over 20 years so you know she is only going to be Donahoe Part 2

    • I said it all along that the plants will still close and the post office will be slowly dismantled. All those in the USPS who voted Republican you have no one to blame but yourselves. And I would like to say thank you to congress for making me one of the many thousands who will now have to sell there homes and move there entire families over 100 miles away just because you could not sort the Post Office mess out.

      Happy Christmas Congress I hope one day you realize what a complete mess you have made of so many peoples lives!

      • Just like to add that congress has passed this spending bill so I am afraid that’s it. The Plants will close and those of us affected will end up having to move from family and friends in order to keep out jobs.

        Happy Christmas all. :o(

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