Pennsylvania mail carrier waives hearing on charge of inappropriately touching female customer

A Franklin postal carrier accused of inappropriately touching a woman on multiple occasions and breaking into her home during a mail delivery waived his preliminary hearing Wednesday in Venango County Central Court.

Terry Duck, 47, of Seneca, was charged with felony counts of burglary and criminal trespass, in addition to two misdemeanor counts of indecent assault-forcible compulsion and one misdemeanor count of indecent assault without consent.


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A criminal complaint filed through district judge Matthew Kirtland’s office said on Dec. 5, U.S. postal inspector Erik Bohin alerted Franklin police to having received a sexual assault complaint in regards to Duck, one of their mail carriers at the Franklin post office.

Duck underwent and failed a polygraph test by the U.S. Postal Inspector Service in Pittsburgh on Dec. 6, the complaint said. He later admitted touching the woman inappropriately on her buttocks area, but he continued to deny touching her anywhere else, the complaint said.

USPS records indicate that Duck is a city letter carrier hired in 2000.

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4 thoughts on “Pennsylvania mail carrier waives hearing on charge of inappropriately touching female customer

  1. polygraph smolygraph……….not allowed as evidence in a court of law. nice try keystone cops! how about arresting Dem Senator Feinstein and former PMG Pat Donahoe for the criminal No Bid Real Estate Contract Scam………now thats a real crime for which they should serve at least 10 years in jail!

  2. If it looks like a DUCK, Walks like a DUCK, and has the last Name of DUCK, this person must be a QUACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Moron. When will people ever learn? Probably for many, never. I can’t understand with the age of cameras watching every move a person makes outside their home why anybody smarter than a bag of rock salt would even think of doing something stupid like this, throwing parcels or other shit that can get them fired quick because it’s no longer a he said/she said circumstantial evidence world we live in. Not to mention arrested and convicted.
    I really hate to think what may be the truth – that people are getting dumber and dumber all the time. I will post on other web sites on music, for example, and if I do more than one or two sentences somebody invariably complains about it.
    They often misspell the words they use in their tweet style three or four word posts, too.
    I studied journalism in college. I was the editor of the Arkansas letter carrier newspaper for a few years, love to read and write, and never use my phone to post articles. I view literacy as a gift and a privilege. Our 1st Amendment can survive only when we practice freedom of expression, and use our writing skills along with verbal opinions. I cannot sympathize, nor will I kowtow to those who are increasingly hostile to the written word.
    How this relates to the incident in question is simple: stupid people like this guy don’t pay attention to the importance of self education, or maybe they wouldn’t pull stupid shit like this. Not always, but it can’t hurt. It’s sad what we were expected to learn for ourselves a generation or two ago has devolved into TV and media explaining all the most basic shit to viewers like they were 8 year olds.
    We will keep seeing this kind of moronic activity, and it will in all likelihood will just get worse. No matter how much some people are warned, it’s useless.

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