Pittsburgh Postmaster accused of intimidating employees wants case thrown out

Pittsburgh Postmaster accused of intimidating employees wants case thrown out3/14/16 The suspended Pittsburgh postmaster charged with intimidating his employees has asked a judge to throw out the charges against him, claiming that county prosecutors are trying to prove a federal crime.

Daniel Davis, 50, of Canonsburg is charged with obstruction, intimidation of witnesses or victims, criminal coercion and official oppression.

The charges stemmed from a federal investigation into allegations that Mr. Davis was illegally opening mail without permission.

No federal charges were filed, but Mr. Davis was accused of attempting to intimidate his employees who spoke with investigators. Four U.S. Postal Service supervisors claimed they witnessed Mr. Davis opening packages illegally.

Mr. Chester told the judge that his client did interdiction in opening mail, and did it 700 times in Toledo and 100 times in Pittsburgh without incident or complaint from postal inspectors, often recovering illegal drugs. read more

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USPS OIG turned Pittsburgh Postmaster’s case over to County DA

10 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Postmaster accused of intimidating employees wants case thrown out

  1. Didn’t you guys in Pburg also have to deal with that idiot Diglio? Now there’s a class A guy!!??

  2. Typical. We see a manager caught red handed and he can’t see where he was wrong. That’s the main reason I never pursued getting into management because of the company I’d have to keep.
    I’m old enough and have enough years in 31+ to remember back in the 1980’s before DPS, computer games and DOIS were initiated and management began to rely on the damn program for everything, knowing full well the data they entered was corrupted, unfair and not at all representative of the work being done that many carriers thought it might be nice to get a small town post office at some point. Nobody thought ill of anybody who wanted to 204-B occasionally because the climate between craft and management was much more tolerable as local postmasters were allowed to make decisions on their own.
    When Anthony Frank was the Postmaster General there was a program that was designed to recognize effort for craft employees. We could get incentive awards, which meant a voluntary step increase, and most of us hard working carriers could top out in about 10 years, as I did. Sick leave was another area where you could be rewarded at least with a plaque for going a certain amount of time without using any. Management would have to be discreet sometimes because some of the goof offs and dishonest jerks would bawl if they weren’t treated like they were special, but you could get a nice compliment now and then, and that has totally disappeared.
    After PM Frank left, the USPS we know now took over. No more incentive. No rewards for good attendance. No recognition for faithful service, good attendance, helping a customer out, nothing. We know it’s all numbers we’re supposed to adhere to that were decided by hateful incompetents who don’t know the first thing about delivering mail.
    Rampant abuse by management goes unchecked. People die of methane poisoning while management denies responsibility. They close plants and make service standards terrible, going against the public interest and thumbing their noses at Congress. So this Pittsburgh jerk fights back. Oh well, I guess it’s his business, but I hope he loses.

  3. One of those things that make you go- ummmmm! Why in the world would OIG/USPS turn this case over to the county prosecutor?

    • Because the higher ups ordered them not to prosecute him and will put him back on duty and promote him if the local judge throws the case out because it should have been prosecuted in federal court.

  4. Sounds like all his Supervisors are out to get
    him. He must make them work and holds them
    accountable. Not part of the Tool and Thug club
    so they want to get rid of him. Typical Postal
    losers trying to move up.

    • Davis has been kicked out of the city where I worked and is barred from this city. All he does is harass workers, especially women. Every time he gets into hot water, post office officials move him to a different location. A message to postmaster Brennan: Get rid of these asshole intimidaters, which Davis has been doing for years. Your working conditions will be less stressful.

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