Pittsburgh postmaster sentenced for lying to feds, witness intimidation

CTY-postal15p-05-DavisA Pittsburgh postmaster thought he was “preserving public safety” when he violated federal law and opened a suspicious package to check for illegal drugs, according to his attorney.

But two women he supervised told the sentencing judge Wednesday that Daniel Davis all but ruined their lives by threatening them to keep them silent.

Though the prosecutor asked for a lengthy jail sentence for the suspended postmaster, Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge David R. Cashman gave Davis, 51, of Canonsburg, five years of probation.

A trial that spanned more than a week culminated Jan. 13 with a split verdict against Davis: guilty of obstruction of justice for lying to a federal agent, guilty of three counts of witness intimidation, guilty of one county each of oppression and coercion. He was found not guilty of three counts each of coercion and oppression and one count of intimidation.

Davis chose not to address the court. Mr. Chester argued that Davis had public safety in mind when he opened suspicious packages. He referenced his 13 years of military service as a U.S. Marine, including two combat tours, and his 17 years as a federal postal employee.

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  1. One more toolbag gone. Keep up the pressure on these
    scumbags that are ruining the service. FIRE THEM ALL

  2. One less psycho in management at least…would have loved to see this animal rot in prison for a few years though.

  3. 1st you call the man, get instructions, and then its not your problem.
    I just can’t figure out why this 1 package made him go koo-koo

  4. He should have been sentenced to be forced to be a carrier! He could live the life style of a man with a easy job. to be able to work like a trained circus animal and scan every thing in sight. Instead he is on probation. Could he be promoted?

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