PMG Announce Appointment Of 2 Vice Presidents

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Jeffrey (Jeff) C. Williamson as Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President; and Cynthia Sanchez-Hernandez as Vice President. Pricing, effective March 2.

As, Chief Human Resources Officer, Jeff will be a member of my Executive Leadership Team. He most recently served as Vice President, Pricing, since June of 2012, overseeing aU pricing activities, including implementation of the 2013 new prices, products, and services implemented in January of this year. He joined the Postal Service in 2004, bringing private sector experience in business strategy, finance, and supply chain management consulting.Jeff has assumed roles of increasing responsibility including management positions in Network Modeling and Development, Network Development and Support, and Performance and Field Operations Support.

A 2012 graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan Fellows Program, Jeff earned a master of science degree in management and also holds a master of business administration degree from American University and a bachelor of arts degree in history from Gettysburg College.

Cynthia replaces Jeff to lead the Pricing group, and will report to Chief Marketing/Sales Officer Nagisa Manabe. She has served as Manager of Pricing since December 29, 2012, and previously was Acting Vice PreSident, Finance and Planning, from June through September of last year. Prior to thaI, she was Manager, Finance, and was a major contributor 10 our Five-Year Business Plan and the 2013 Integrated Financial Plan. She joined the Postal Service’s Financial Planning group in 2009, after more than 15 years in the private sector with positions of increasing responsibility in auditing, investments, financial analysis, project management, and pricing.

A George Washington University master of business administration graduate, Cynthia also holds a bachelor of science degree in accounting, with honors, from ITESM, the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico. She also studied at the Universidad Pontificia de Comitlas in Madrid, Spain.

Jeff and Cynthia have both shown exemplary leadership skills and a strong commitment to the Postal Service during the recent fiscal years’ challenges and limes of change. Please join me in welcoming them to their new positions and in providing them your full support in their new assignments.

See announcement via Postcom. USPS Document.pdf.

20 thoughts on “PMG Announce Appointment Of 2 Vice Presidents

  1. If I take an early out from USPS, as a dues paying member of the APWU, will I be able to receive an annuity or lump sum payout from the APWU Retirement Fund for its members?


  3. Tired of all this bullshit and nothing to say because anything you people out there saying nobody cares! So don’t waste your time folks do what you think is right wherever you are or whatever you do.

  4. Once again we have individuals who never carried a piece of mail in thier lives, never unloaded a trailer at a BMC, never sorted letters, or worked at the window, making decisions on how to save the USPS. It is no wonder this company is in such poor shape. I wonder if Donahoe will watch them continuously and site “time wasting practices”? I am sure they sit at their desks only taking 2 ten minute breaks, a half hour lunch, minimal bathroon breaks, and scan a barcode at least 12 times during the day to show they are actually at their desks! You can’t make this stuff up!

  5. It’s for this reason why I will continue to make it my main objective to not burn my route, not take a single shortcut, and f#\k management every time I clock into work. Don’t take any shit from those fools!

  6. Go away inspector 19 ! you’re probably one of the brass helping to run PO into extinction ! We do not need any more management !! Get it ??

  7. WOW, since this is free america, speech is one,
    It’s easy to blame and point. You people putting in all the ridiculous bottom feeder
    remarks need to wake up and put on a pair of pants for a change. It’s YOU, the finger pointer that ruined the USPS. Go read a good book for a change, do something for yourself and don’t worry about the top brass. Better yet, go put in a good days work. Pathetic fools, what a waste of Government, YOU!

  8. Those that don’t work with their hands are parasites- I think Chairman Mao said that. So are scabs- I said that.

  9. Just counted 34 VP’s and who knows if the numbers are right on the USPS website.Fact is,NO PRIVATE SECTOR COMPANY HAS THIS MUCH OVERHEAD.And they always want us to operate like a private sector company.We are a public service company.And no one will ever convince me,we need all these yahoos above us.There is supposedly 9 layers of management between the people who actually touch the mail and the top.This is what we should be telling our senators and congressmen.The USPS will always be in a big hole until someone realizes the layers of waste in management and does something about it.IMO

  10. Really? I am on my 2nd plant consolidation in 3 years…. People very well will be losing their jobs and they hire some more VPs?!?! What a fine organization we work for.

  11. Great, more GOONS to lead us into Bankruptcy. Why don’t you just go and hide in the Vatican with all the other egregious pedophiles hide.

  12. Who wrote this news release? Don’t know how to proof read before you send releases out? Wow. A quick count 6 errors!

  13. maybe they will be smart enough to figure out we wont need a gps device if they evaluate our routes and let us do them

  14. WOW! We’re broke and hire 2 more vice-presidents and they’re Salary
    Alone is $200,ooo a year plus benefits. And the workers get job loss
    And treated like crap. CONGRESS needs to investigate this corrupt
    Postmaster general and should be fired. This is awefull, more TOP

  15. Their short stint in the ever changing P.O.dictates they must have more tenure to perform any duties other than because I say so you do it or else. Don’t know a spib from a postcard or a flat from a parcel. No wonder the fox guards the hen house.

  16. I believe the count of VPs now exceeds 43! All of them earn over $200k + benefits. Wonder why we are losing money? Remember, if you do not touch the mail, you are an unnecessary employee. Each of these VPs also has a full staff working for them. Congress needs to investigate the incredible amount of over-micro-management that exists at the PO

  17. Another two ass kissers, nepotism of fat ass pmg, the ps is going to lose more profit to feed up these scumbags.

  18. Two more overpaid, corrupt, unethical, completely unnecessary positions. Wonder who’s relatives they are, and how many more of their own relatives they’ll now hire.

    USPS = clown show.

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