PMG Donahoe, COO Brennan address employees in new video

pmgbusFor the first time in several years, the Postal Service has money to invest in its future, PMG Pat Donahoe says in his latest video message to employees.

Donahoe announced last week he will retire Feb. 1, 2015. With USPS closing the fiscal year with a $2 billion increase in revenue and $5 billion in the bank, the PMG says he’s optimistic for the Postal Service’s future.

“A lot of big things are coming up on the horizon, like new products and services and the labor negotiations,” the PMG says. “I thought it was probably a good time to hand the baton off to somebody else to run the organization for the long-term.”

Chief Operating Officer Megan Brennan, who will succeed Donahoe as the next PMG, also appears in the video. She says she’s honored to step into the role, knowing there are challenges but also a lot of opportunities for the organization.

“I want to acknowledge all of our employees who are out there working hard every day for our organization and our customers,” Brennan says. “I look forward to working with you and moving this organization forward.”

5 thoughts on “PMG Donahoe, COO Brennan address employees in new video

  1. Wasn’t it Brennan who once told a meeting of Postmasters how proud she was of them for keeping us going through the “tough times.”
    Only place I ever worked for that the dumbest, laziest, people get
    Reminds me of the woman at GM. Put a woman in there, then let
    the roof cave in.

    • She was the brilliant judge of character who selected the South Jersey District Manager who was taken out due to all kinds of fun stuff. She’s a real winner!

  2. We desperately need new vehicles, maybe some facility repairs, so I’m guessing most of it goes into management raises and bonuses.

  3. “I want to acknowledge all of our employees, who are out there working hard every day for our organization and our customers.” Why, thank you! It’s nice to know we lower life forms are recognized and appreciated.
    Brennan was a letter carrier. Don’t let that lull you into complacency. Some of the meanest terrible people in management were letter carriers, including some I know. Once certain jerks get a taste of power it’s like a heroin addiction and they eventually begin to believe they are above those they supervise as people, workers and life forms period. They don’t stop to think that many many of we craft employees with our own degrees stay letter carriers because they aren’t willing to stoop to the kind of behavior that gets one noticed by management.
    We’d rather not deal with pressure from those above us on the management ladder and fight against the craft below us. We want to reduce stress and try to have some of our health and well being for us when we retire. But many in management think we stay where we are because we’re too stupid to do their work. Those are the worst ones.
    My immediate supervisor and his predecessor are exceptions to the rule. They respect us, especially the veteran carriers, and treat us like equals who just happen to have a different chore to do. Not so for the others, but I’ll admit our PM is a pretty reasonable person.
    But we’ve had our share of terror and psychos making work life intolerable. PMG Brennan, your first order of business is to stop your closing of plants and focus your concentration on accuracy and reliability of delivering the mail, not just to see how fast you can make somebody run. I’m the proud owner of a blown out shoulder, two hernias and ruptured discs in my back from lugging mail for 30 years. It is par for the course and in the preinternet days the workload was incredible. Do you understand that kind of sacrifice? I hope you do or you’ll be as reviled as Donahoe.

    • She can’t stop the plant closings and the further degradation of service that is supposed to begin the first week of January as Downahole will be around to push it through before he goes off and collects his golden parachute and gets his payoff from Pitney-Bowes for the wonderful job he did for them.

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