PMG names new Western Area vice president, chief information security officer

PMG names new Western Area vice president, chief information security officer

Acting Chief Information Security Officer Gregory Crabb and Western Area VP Greg S. Graves

Two Postal Service executives received new appointments last week.

Gregory Crabb was named acting chief information security officer and Digital Solutions vice president.

He leads the Postal Service’s efforts to strengthen the integrity of the organization’s information systems, while accelerating its digital product development.

Crabb’s previous assignments include serving as the Postal Inspection Service’s inspector in charge for revenue, product and global security.

note:  Megan Brennan created the new  chief information security officer (ciso) and Digital Solutions vice president position shortly after assuming role as new Postmaster General.  PMG  Brennan said:  “Since information technology, information security and digital product development are closely aligned, a new position has been created.”  Randy Miskanic, previously Secure Digital Solutions VP filled the new  the new position in February 2015.  Miskanic retired effective June 30 after 21 years with the Postal Service.

Greg G. Graves was appointed Western Area vice president, a position he has held on an acting basis since February.

He oversees 104,000 employees and an annual operating budget of $9 billion. Western Area, the Postal Service’s largest geographic area, covers 2 million square miles and has 49 million customers.

Graves is a 34-year USPS veteran. Previous assignments include Pacific Area operations support manager and district manager in Los Angeles and Mid-America districts

note: Former Western Area VP Drew Aliperto  retired from the Postal Service, effective March 1 2016. Aliperto  led the area since 2012.

source: USPS News Link

5 thoughts on “PMG names new Western Area vice president, chief information security officer

  1. I heard Graves couldn’t take the pressure of being district manager of Los Angeles and was bounced around before ending up back on Aliperto’s butthole. How the hell does someone who can’t manage anything end up being an Area Manager? Way to go P.O. Promote yet another idiot based on ass kissing skills. Glad I got the hell out of this (dis)organization. I was a mid-level manager in a plant and retired because I couldn’t take the idiots being promoted to positions that demanded knowledge and ability.

  2. Thought the hotshot retired FBI agent and Kristen were taking care of these duties already…why did our inbred clown of a PMG need to create an additional position?

    There’s so much duplicity in the USPS management ranks that if the private sector took over LEnfant Plaza would be a ghost town after they got through with it.

  3. More tools and thugs. Good reason for Meghen and the girls
    to bake up some muffins. The same people who ruined the
    service are filling all the top spots. Good luck to you
    new employees.

  4. why not just get it over with………make every po mismanager a vice-president——of low IQ and money losing stupid! every union worker start buying shares of FDX and UPS even if it is only 10, 25, 50, or 100 shares a year…….you will thank yourself when you retire. its easy, go to a company like scottrade and pay 7 bucks a trade. these dopes and the crummy po unions are going to send you to the poor house…..if you let them!

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