PMG Pat Donahoe

PMG Pat Donahoe in his latest “State of the Business” video.

In fiscal year (FY) 2008, USPS performed around 5 billion scans. In FY 2013, employees scanned five times that number.

That’s one example of a 2013 success that PMG Pat Donahoe highlights — and thanks employees for — in his latest State of the Business video. Other successes include improved revenue, increased package volume, growth in business with eBay, and launching Sunday Priority Mail delivery with Amazon as the first customer.USPS continues to work with Congress, Donahoe reports, particularly on reforming retiree health benefits. He says a revamped plan would reduce retirees’ annual premiums, save money for USPS and resolve the statutory prefunding issue that is a primary source of current fiscal challenges.

“We need to make sure that current and future retirees — that’s all of us — have a sustainable health care system in place for the organization going into the future,” Donahoe says.

The PMG notes that in addition to obtaining legislation, keeping customer service levels high is key to the future. “We continue to provide excellent customer service as far as timely and accurate delivery and scanning,” Donahoe said, “and beyond the legislation, that’s the most important thing we can do.”


  1. All Your TSP Belong To Us ! says:

    The greatest success would be for you to resign.

  2. eric cartman says:

    this clown is a stupid fkin asshole!

  3. eric cartman says:

    he talks like he has a mouthful of nickels.

  4. wpoi iiop says:

    I smell a rat

  5. All Your TSP Belong To Us ! says:

    All postal eas/mgmt = liars and thieves.

  6. Mickydeegumdrop says:

    Wow, we scanned 25 billion bar codes! Now THAT is the sign of a successful company! Never mind the fraud, waste and abuse. Or the bottom line. Nope. All that matters is we scanned bar codes at record levels. And we wonder why everyone thinks this guy has no clue…

  7. English Justice says:

    Off with his head!

  8. FedUp says:

    I’m with you Micky…

    The MSP’s are the most insane waste of Postal time! I refuse, on a daily basis, to scan them…just to piss off management!

    When they ask me about missed scans (and not every time I might add, which just adds to the fact that they are not important) I say, “Oh, did a customer call in and report that I missed a scan???”

    And while we’re at it…let’s ADD another day of delivery to deliver the pizza coupons when we don’t have enough first class to justify 6 days…even 4 days!!!

    Offer early out and I’m GONE.

  9. Foot steps says:

    Yes USPS offer outs like FedEx did.

    4wks pay for every year of service, up to two years.

    All this talking about wanting to be like the jones/private business.

    Put the money were your mouth is.

  10. DaddyO' says:

    Scan everything! LOL!! not stopping all the overtime mail handlers and clerks are getting in Boston! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! Keep those scans coming. They can’t keep up with automation and still need people every night in the primary…..$$$$$$$$! While he’s talking about scans were all making lots of money. Keep up the good work PG!

  11. bob says:

    Guys, if you don’t like it quit! Bunch of Nancys

  12. All Your TSP Belong To Us ! says:

    #1 success for mgmt. slugs; they got their bonus program going again.

    Gee, guess we aren’t so broke after all, eh you lying sack Donuthole ?

    p.s. bob, go back to kissing mgmt ass 204b breath.

  13. Nasty Nancy says:

    Bob don’t tell people what to do.

    If that’s what you wish to do fine.

    Other wise bobby go play on the railroad tracks.

  14. John says:

    Ups FedEx delivered 6.5 billion packages 2012. Their scans are off the charts. PMG Donahue you are a idiot, and this is your success message.

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