PMG to continue pressing for legislative action


In his latest state of the business video, PMG Pat Donahoe discusses the Postal Service’s plans to continue working with Congress to pass legislation to help USPS return to financial stability.

The PMG begins by noting the continuing resolution passed by Congress that mandates continued Saturday mail delivery. The Postal Service had hoped to institute a 6-day package, 5-day mail delivery schedule.

Donahoe says he’s optimistic that Congress will allow USPS to put a new schedule in place this year. He points to overwhelming public support for the new schedule, along with President Obama’s budget plan that supports 5-day mail delivery. “We can’t continue to deliver mail on Saturdays with the volume losses we’re seeing,” says Donahoe.

Changing to a 6-day package and 5-day mail delivery schedule would save the Postal Service $2 billion annually.

The PMG also says USPS will continue working with Congress for comprehensive legislative reform to give the Postal Service the ability it needs to adapt to market forces.

“We would be profitable today if we had the flexibility to solve our financial problems,” says Donahoe.

The PMG closes the video by noting how USPS continues to look for ways to reduce costs and raise revenues. He also thanks employees for their continuing hard work.

State of the Postal Service (April 23, 2013)
A message to all employees of the United States Postal Service from Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe

24 thoughts on “PMG to continue pressing for legislative action

  1. Jack Michoff your statement paints a clear picture of the rationale upper management makes in wasteful spending on projects that are made hastily without thorough planning. Another decision maker evidently higher in the food change evidently had authority to over ride plant manager decision. Should this not be the case the original decision should be placed in remote non active position to eliminate poor decision making or person may have power connections that will take no action for costly wasted act. Appears to be frustration at work with no defined objectives. Amazing to know wasted cost created resulting from poor planning.

  2. All this 5 day delivery talk is giving me a stiffy! I’m for it. Survival of the fittest. Jobs will be lost, but peace of mind will be found!!! Do you know how many Friday’s I’m gonna zap??? 3 day weekend!!! They will have created a monster!!! Keep doin 2 hr pivots….runners, its coming to an end!!!

  3. If what is happening at the main San Diego plant is happening around the country, it’s no wonder we are doomed. Our plant mgr had our Low Cost Sorter removed late last year, costing thousands of dollars in OT. So what happens recently. He ordered it to be put back in, costing thousands more dollars in OT, including lots of penalty OT. WTF!!?? We have also had to move several DBCS’s around to make room for equipment from the other SD plant, which has yet to close. Clerks hours are constantly changed, even more than the contract allows. the contract means nothing anymore!

  4. SME you are on the right track. Quick fix makes CENTS.
    Politics, parties and pressure groups per management unions, and craft groups leaders who are bleeding their members while maintain high pay and retirement benefits.

  5. Quitters both Oby and Dony…We need to oust them both, before all America is unemployed. The conundrum is GREED. Headquarters and Congress (the major stakeholders) could care less about the deteriorating service they control. The general public has no idea of the political pandering that goes on with their service. The real trail of failure should be investigated by the Justice Department ( OIG seems to be sold out too), simply count the millions of lobby bucks and special interest deals, big contracts with FedEx, UPS, etc.. The dismantling of the United States Postal Service can be linked to many spin-off services started and invested in by these same greedy honchos. Product and service advancements are stifled by special interests.

    Quick Fix:

    P.O.B service 7 Days a week all classes of mail.

    Express Mail 7 Days a week.

    M-S Priority Mail

    Develop an electronic 24-7 ‘Special Delivery’, that could be delivered for a premium price.

    M-F Carrier Delivery.

    Retire all USPS Civil Servants (Buy Out) with $7billion CS retirement fund surplus, shift USPS retirement to FERS.

    Hire thousands of lower paid entree level employees.

    Move T-6 functions to Express, Priority, and Special Delivery functions.

    Develop a co-op that is publicly supported and serves no one special interest.

    Remove ‘Corporate’ focus from USPS return to ‘SERVICE’ focus.

    There are many ideas and suggestions already on the books, inventive, intuitive and profitable. Seek the products and services that will generate revenue to overcome losses from E-communication systems. Stop the greedy decision making.

    Come on America, lets live to be debt free, grow revenue, never give up, never give in.

  6. if you dont touch the mail get out.its always about numbers well lets see the numbers on who never touches the mail and makes big bucks. what a joke pay fed ex to fly our mail.better late than sorry

  7. Politics is primary concern for congressmen who lack concern for economic factors that create billions of dollars losses.
    USPS must be restricted as services offered have decreased in demand resulting in loss of revenue that cannot be replaced as consumer demand has moved to electronic messaging. USPS must operate cost effective or continue path to financial disaster. 6 say street delivery is a wasted cost. Small post offices that 50 years ago were rural and had a need to exist to provide service but due to changing demographics are suburban and the demand for service has decreased as the customer base no longer exist.
    Some areas have 5-6 offices in 7-10 mile radius with a large office in the town. A waste of personnel cost, rent-utilities, resulting in monetary loss with no concern by congressmen who only work to get votes. Who will eventually pays for the USPS services that have no means of financial
    recovery in a declining market that advances in communication
    technology has created a non recovery market for services that have no demand. Massive buyout a must to reduce work hour cost. PMG fighting a loosing battle with power group
    that is selfish or ignorant in dealing with economics.

  8. The clause to keep 6 day delivery is only in effect for the fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30, 2013. After that, the law does not require to delivery 6 days a week. Obama wants 5 day delivery, America wants 5 day delivery and alot of Carriers want 5 day delivery. Like the PMG said “It will eventually happen.” Thank God. 5 Day all the Way

  9. why would PMG be sure congress will work with him now, when the only thing they did was write in a clause to be sure that we keep delivering on Saturday, now he thinks they will work with him to remove saturday delivery?????? Really

  10. congress will not act until they realize they have to bail us out next week because there is no money for payroll If we go to 5 days many people will lose their jobs what about them oh ya thats right will will be delivering 7 days a week not 6 not 5 not 4 or even 3 thats right 7 they just want to modify us to be the new ups with other services and who the hell put issa in charge of that committee what another goverment failure. 6years 11 months what a joke

  11. I remember that King DOHAHOE and his band of jesters went to S. F. CA. for a clown convention and only spent 2.2 million. Strange that the P.S. has money to burn And the P.S. still wants to take us out of FEHBA while the jesters can keep FEHBA. The P.S. thinks that the employees and the annuitants must take some Bernie Madoff health plan. He can cram it up his ear, or any place it will fit! Also noticed that the P.S. wants the employees to reopen contract negotiations. I have not heard how much his royal majesty King DONAHOE is willing to give up himself.

  12. Retirement has been very good to me. Good luck to all of you still hanging in there. If you can put up with all the crap it is a good job with great benefits. I retired CSRS with 36 years at 53 taking the early out. It all seems like a bad dream…

  13. Business needs 5 day delivery. Residential delivery should be 3 days weekly. One carrier can carry 2 routes and use a floater like now.

  14. Donahoe is one person who cannot be believed, much less trusted. Congress will act only when they have to. Senator Carper and Rep. Issa can talk about possible reform but neither side talks about the problems when one chamber tries to get the other one to agree to anything. True bipartisanship is dead thanks to the greedy hate filled GOP. Profit and power is their mantra and they are incapable of thinking of anything else. The middle class takes too much money they want for themselves, and they hate that fact. This is why they’re always shipping jobs out of the country to try to create a two tiered social structure, one of the rich and powerful, with religion to enforce its brainwashing power over gullible simpletons who happily vote and support those out to destroy them.
    The other class is of course the poor. Only the worst back breaking jobs with no benefits will be available one day if the GOP has their way. For a party who hates entitlements, nobody puts people in that situation faster than the GOP. They want people to be brainwashed simple minded drones at the service of themselves.
    Fortunately they are in a more precarious situation than they’ll ever admit. After years of hating immigrants and alienating Latinos, the overwhelming number of Hispanic voters will tip the balance solidly Democratic, in numbers gerrymandering can’t override. It’s hilarious to hear GOP strategists talk about appealing to the Hispanics and working class, when they offer nothing but hard times. The day the Republicans fold will be a great day, but we’ll have to watch out for the new party because it’ll be the same bastards in a new uniform. Donahoe is a solid Republican ass kisser and his philosophy is helping put the Service where it is. If the BOG had any balls, they’d remove him.

    I want to party down every Sat. and Sun. Yee HA!!!!!

  16. Working with Congress,that’s his first mistake. Issa still hasn’t done anything in three years or any of the others in Congress. What makes it worst they don’t listen to the taxpayers who put them in Office.

  17. Lies. Lies and more lies. The public overwhelmingly WANTS sat mail delivery. That lie that he spews is from a ‘survey’ where people were asked loaded questions like ‘if it meant gov bailout of PO would you still want sat delivery?’ What a jerk! Get rid of prefunding mandate and several hundred of the top tier do-nothing’s. If you don’t touch the mail… your job should be in jeperdy.

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