Port Matilda, PA Postmaster relocated after reports of harassment and abuse

10/30/2017 Port Matilda, Centre County, Pa – The Port Matilda Post Office is under new supervision.

Employees from the post office have reached out to WTAJ, explaining the Post Master has been relocated.

This comes after staff spoke out about harassment and emotional abuse in the office, which lead an employee with a form of autism to quit his job.


Post Master relocated

11 thoughts on “Port Matilda, PA Postmaster relocated after reports of harassment and abuse

  1. One experditor and 2 mailhander got walked out of the building for doing their jobs at Lindbergh pd&c Philadelphia. After one Postal driver de!ivery The mail to the station .tried to avoid the accident, someone changed lane right in front of him.couple of trays of mail fell into the next containers. manager they think they can do anything they want. Hopefully someone can stop this nonsense.

  2. Once again the Toolbags in charge just moved this
    immoral, unethical, lying sleaze to another facility
    and job when toolbags like this should be fired. Just
    keep moving them around to harass other employees
    instead of really dealing with the issues. Not only do
    they protect their own, the toolbags just encourage
    other toolbags to continue doing these things because
    they know that they wont really get in trouble. What
    a joke. Get out soon. The end is near.

  3. Are you kidding me. This happens with Postal Management all of the time. Postal Management does a lousy job policing their own. If you’re in Management and you screw up, then you move up. What an F-Up Organiziation.

  4. Typical usps mgmt. Relocated, to continue causing trouble, instead of fired as should have been done.

    The corruption, sleaze, theft, and unethical behavior that infests the eas ranks continues unabated.

  5. wow…you write with so much HATE. you attack the church ,that’s the place of GOD..even in the catholic church and other churches there are bad people ..SO MAYBE YOU NEED TO LOOK INTO YOUR HEART AND STOP THE HATE …don’t judge people that is GODS job….IN CHIRST TOM….

  6. Like the Catholic Church, the bishops move the problem rather than deal with it. Our own little tyrant was just promoted, the other way the service deals with them.

    Interesting that with the nationwide retention problem with new hires that there never is one suggestion that they start treating people the right way.

  7. Like the Catholic Church with pedophile Priests they just move them to a new area to do the same harm. Get rid of them. They will not do any better in the new environment. They are a poison to the Postal Service and the good men and women trying to do their jobs and serve their customers they way they expect to be.

  8. Yes, move them around so they can spread their poison to someone else! You call that correcting the problem? You got to be kidding me! This is exactly how the post office uppers handle a problem that these kind of people are not what the post office is about! Where are the apologies-knowing fully well that they are flat ass wrong -will not come out and let people know that they are wrong in what they have let happen! What kind of message is that sending to the people? All they will do is put another “YES” person in there and problem solved! Upper’s wake-up in the morning eat a dozen stupid pills and then go to work trying to re-invent the wheel!. Have a good-day

  9. Don’t worry, he will be back after a decent interval. Just wait, you’ll see. In the mean time, some newbie will come in and do some OJT on you poor unsuspecting folks. Enjoy. Retirement is fine out here.

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