Postal Employee claims USPS is faking package deliveries in Herriman UT due to holiday understaffing

12/1/17 HERRIMAN, Utah — A Postal Service employee claims a Utah Post Office is faking package deliveries and falling short on mail distribution, and they say it’s because of understaffing during the holidays.


It’s the thick of holiday season deliveries, as postal workers rushed from house to house in Herriman on Friday carrying packages to doorsteps.

“We really are doing the best we can,” said a person who said they work at the Riverton Post Office.

But, they don’t always finish their deliveries, and the employee said what’s happening at that specific Post Office has become a problem.

source: Post Office employee claims delivery delays in Herriman, Riverton due to misconduct

14 thoughts on “Postal Employee claims USPS is faking package deliveries in Herriman UT due to holiday understaffing

  1. The postal Service doesn’t care if service is ruined. though if you notice every government agency is cutting back. Funding for state and city services is way down. Now the public is told take care of it yourself. The officials makes sure that their business friends receive everything they desire, and that their pay envelop is stuffed. Even if the public deserves better service, the Postal service only cares about the scans being done on time.

  2. My wife also works for USPS on the south west side. Which is a rural route area also. She has been delivering Amazon packages for free for over 2 years. None of them ever get paid for Amazon deliveries. And her boss who came from a city delivery building is now telling them they will be written up for going over there evaluated time. Which is nuts for multiple reasons #1 their routes are all evaluated at the very slowest mail time of the year. #2 they hide mail during the count for routes being evaluated. #3 Amazon has never been added to any routes count. #4 It’s against union rules for a rural area to be written up for such things. But with her boss originally being from a city office, apparently he does not even know the rules. It is sad, she will get over 200 packages in one day, almost every day, all through December. WHY do they not get paid for Amazon? Who at USPS AND AMAZON MADE THIS DEAL AND WHERE IS ALL THE MONEY GOING? SOMEONE SHOULD INVESTIGATE AND EXPLAIN. AND SOMEONE SHOULD GO TO PRISON. I and all of USPS employee’s need help. Someone should have to explain. And then go to prison. It’s criminal on a huge scale and the money involved in being stolen is in the hundreds of millions. Someone help.

  3. What does the Postmaster General plan to do about Sexual Harassment and Retaliation? It seems if Congress is going to be held accountable the Postal Service should also. The victims don’t get paid of the get isolated and beat down with harassment and retaliation. Eeos are not private but escalate more pain and suffering for the victims to shut them down. I am reaching out for answers as to what can be done to stop the Sexual misconduct in the Postal Service.

  4. The PFP bonuses in my opinion should be outlawed because priority number one should be customer service, not padded bank accounts. Working for the USPS is like being in a horrifically abusive relationship that there is no divorcing your way out of.

  5. OIG will get to the bottom of this…….oh wait this short staffing may result in po mismgt getting a bigger PFP bonus scam check………sorry OIG is closed for the holidays…….spending our PFP bonus cash lol.

  6. I’ve witnessed the phantom scanning. I’ve seen carriers coming off the street at 21:45. It’s all lies.

    We can’t hire, at any price. The word is out about how you will be treated. Once again, last week, a non career employee was taken out in cuffs on an active warrant. We don’t even CORI/SORI them anymore.

    The only question is how low can it go? From what I’ve seen it’s bottomless.

  7. This is going on all over the country. The toolbags cut jobs,
    staffing, hours and the crap is now hitting the fan. The
    only thing that doesn’t change is the toolbags getting their
    pay for nonperformance bonuses. No credibility for these
    toolbags. Unethical, immoral cheating toolbags continue to
    pull the wool over the eyes of the public and congress. Get out
    soon. The end is coming. The crap gas is building and is gonna
    blow. Good luck.

  8. This is 100% true, and has been going on throughout the country for quite awhile. We’ve even had scanner changes due to this.

    ALL done by mgmt, falsifying scans. If we were to do this, we’d be fired. But as usual with everything including fiscal, there are no repercussions or accountability when mgmt. does it.

    Deceive, deny, deflect; postal mgmt mantra.

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