Postal Employee says ‘unruly customers’ forced post office closure for safety reasons

On multiple occasions in the past month, the U.S. Post Office Esplanade Station, located at 2488 Williamsbridge Road, has provided poor customer service, sometimes no service at all, residents claim.

The poor service involves customers being forced to wait outside indefinitely during employee lunch breaks – and, most recently, the closure of the entire station for the latter part of the day.

An Allerton resident said she waited outside the locked station for nearly an hour as the lone postal employee took a lunch break, finally giving up because she had to return to work.

Upwards of ten customers were milling around outside the station waiting for the postal employee to return from lunch that particular day, the woman recalled.

After waiting patiently outside for over an hour, the customers began to grow restless.

Getting fidgety, some customers began tapping on the post office front windows when they noticed an employee moving about inside.

The employee then changed the ‘Out-To-Lunch’ sign to a ‘Closed-For-Safety-Reasons’ sign.


source: ‘Unruly customers’ force postal station closure

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7 thoughts on “Postal Employee says ‘unruly customers’ forced post office closure for safety reasons

  1. The article doesn’t explain as to why the customers were loitering outside. Was there a sign giving a time frame for the closure , Like 12 to 1 for example, and the customers saw an employee inside and became impatient? Or did the sign say closed with no indication as to the time frame involved? Some people are “special” and don’t believe that the rules apply to them. Closed means closed, not beat on the windows to try and get in. Management’s staffing issues aside, you are not empowered to be abusive to employees or property because you are the “boss of them”, even if you might think you are. No shoes, no shirt, no service.

  2. Again,does anybody know where USPS management and unions representative are,at the above,Bronx,NY;store front post office? Certainly it is their”GD”or”BI-BUSINESS”. Perhaps,they are just MIA? Enlighten us,please!!

  3. What is USPS management,and union local people doing while this terrible situation of unscheduled closures,and worse;”Closed-For-Safety-Reasons” continues? Perhaps,they’re nearby bars or extended lunch backs with one another? Does anybody know?

  4. We should never work alone. We become targets when there is one person. It is definitely a safety issue if you need to go the restroom. Then what? We should remedy that real quick. Customers shouldn’t be affected by our staffing.

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