Postal Employees now have access to discounted Pet insurance

Postal Service employees now have access to discounted pet insurance coverage through Trupanion.

The coverage is available for domestic dogs and cats across the United States.


Trupanion pays 90 percent of covered veterinary costs associated with sickness or injury. The company offers a variety of coverage and deductible options.

The discount is available to employees who enroll on the Trupanion site. You’ll need the discount code: USPS2018.

More information is available on the Trupanion site or by calling the company at 855-210-8749. The USPS Employee Deals LiteBlue page also has information.

4 thoughts on “Postal Employees now have access to discounted Pet insurance

  1. If the premiums were reasonable and included medications, I’d probably sign up for it. We have a 14 year old chihuahua/corgi mix female and a 13 year old tom cat, and between the two of them their prescriptions are close to $200 a month. They are our “kids”, and that means a little more when you are a childless couple like we are. We dearly love them and they love us.
    If Republicans can pass more tax shelter laws to get out of paying their fair shares, or in the case of Trump none at all, why can’t pet owners declare their pets on their taxes? My dog and cat are far more compassionate loving beings than Trump, the GOP, and a whole helluva lot of people I have known over time. I’d gladly vote for a good dog or cat as President before I’d ever even remotely consider re-electing Trump.

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