Postal Employees to get Postal Pulse results for their area in the mail

Postal Employees to get Postal Pulse results for their area in the mailTaking action
Managers urged to implement engagement plan

Are you engaging your employees on a daily basis?

If not, then Postal Service leaders have another question: What are you waiting for?

Last month, all USPS managers should have completed a review of the results of the latest Postal Pulse survey, conducted a “state of the team” conversation with employees and submitted plans to make improvements.

These action plans should now be in effect.

“By applying the principles of engagement on a daily basis, managers can improve their workplace environments and help the Postal Service strengthen its overall performance,” said Employee Engagement Executive Director Kelvin Williams.

All employees will soon receive a postcard at home that lists the Postal Pulse results for their district, area and headquarters’ function. The cards will encourage employees to ask their managers about any results that have not been shared.

“We want to spark conversations across the Postal Service about ways to improve engagement,” Williams said.

Managers who were unable to share the survey results with their teams or complete an action plan due to extreme circumstances should satisfy these requirements now, Williams said.

The Employee Engagement LiteBlue site has additional engagement information on engagement. Employees with questions should email the engagement team.

14 thoughts on “Postal Employees to get Postal Pulse results for their area in the mail

  1. I will not participate in the Postal Pulse survey because it doesn’t even pander to the myth of the VOE that management was interested in the employee’s voice. Now they just want to take your pulse to diagnose what’s wrong with you, to “fix” you. I did, however, like #10: I have a best friend at work. I do have a best friend at work. For over 30 years it has been there beside me every day: The Collective Bargaining Agreement!

  2. 99% of postal mismanagement have no college/university degree…………that in itself tells you a lot. don’t need a survey to tell you this is a rotten bunch of people running this dump into the dirt!

  3. Let’s be thankful that we have the opportunity to complain about things. In the North Korean Postal Service, they have a 100% satisfaction score on their employee opinion survey. Just ask anyone working there, and they will tell you that they are very happy – no make that extremely happy.

    We can’t take for granted our opportunities to gripe and moan if we don’t like something. That is worth something.

  4. the postal service conveniently left out they needed a freedom of information request to release the results of the survey in the first place LOL

  5. That should be interesting . The only thing that I could rate high was my job knowledge. The nice thing about not being at the Post Office . I don’t have 220/120
    blood pressure any more, and I no longer have to work with with the trash that replaced my
    former coworkers who were fired, or left before they were next. The only bad part
    for me was that I had a stroke, and it did damage to 3/4 s of the back of my brain, and poison control telling me my zinc levels way to high, and to not return. Thank god for good doctors, lawyers, and the poison lab(EXPERTox) that tested my hair.


  7. My supervisor refused to allow me to fill out the survey form on the clock so I trashed it. No wonder the postal service is the worst company to work for according to the survey.

    • That of course is against the survey rules. Some improvement. As far as my office, I haven’t heard jack shit. Why doesn’t management quit insulting our intelligence, wasting money and attempt to make us believe they are interested in a good workplace environment?
      I truly think most management not on the workroom floors across the nation think they are far superior beings, and that craft are a bunch of idiotic goof offs who deserve the maltreatment they get. There are many, many craft employees who are far more qualified, far smarter and mature who could do any job at any level of management hundreds of times better than the good ol’ boy inbred system that determines who rises up the suck up ladder and who stays on the workroom floor as a supervisor or a craft employee.
      Think about it for a second, if you’re a manager who thinks you’re the Albert Einstein of the USPS. Has the thought occurred to you that there are massively talented people out there you think are morons who simply do not want to deal with the back stabbing, petty childish behavior, relocation after relocation and the abuse you dish out to lower level supervisors? They, myself included, want to pursue other things – family, hobbies, taking care of spouses or children with health problems, etc., who want to be home on a regular basis. I am a musician, write my own music and have a disabled wife. I love writing, too, and just don’t want the shit I’d have to deal with for a few extra dollars. Not all of us are motivated by greed and ego.
      Management will not behave or act like the adults they are supposed to be until they are forced to. If not for unions, it would be a terrible place of abuse, I have no doubt. So non-union members, maybe your locals aren’t up to snuff or are in bed with local management and that sucks, but the national presence puts some pressure on management and we must remember that.

  8. what about Unit to small fr results why is the Postmaster general throwing her supervisors and mangers under the bus. How can we respond when their are no results?? WE do not control wages and hreing condtions she does, so she needs to fix her problem, She is agreeing to take on mail at rates below costs on her field employees

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