Postal Inspector charged with soliciting prostitute proceeds with attempt to suppress evidence


Last year, according to a police report, Kowalefski told an officer that he got a massage at Spa One, but no “extras.” He told police he found it on an Internet classified ad website, records show.

Kowalefski paid $80 for a massage, and an additional $46 for sexual acts, Downing told police.

Downing identified Kowalefski and Tobin from photographs Sycamore police took during the traffic stops and told officials the money Kowalefski paid was stored in a makeup drawer in the front of the office, police said. After getting a search warrant, police found the money in the drawer the employee mentioned.

On Friday July 22, 2016, the city’s police chief testified Friday that upon being pulled over, a federal postal inspector suspected of hiring a prostitute at a Sycamore spa showed officers his government credentials and asked for a “professional courtesy.”

Dean Kowalefski, 51, of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, was charged in June 2015 with soliciting a prostitute after police said employees at Spa One in Sycamore identified him in a photograph and said he gave a spa employee money in exchange for a sex act. The man’s attorney has argued police performed an unlawful search and seizure and arrested Kowalefski without a valid warrant while he was not committing a crime.

“We’re arguing that this was an unlawful stop,” his attorney, Clay Campbell, said. “That they kept him on the side of the road too long and we’re asking the judge to make a finding that they violated his rights by detaining him that long. We’re asking that the evidence against Mr. Kowalefski be suppressed.”

Sycamore police officer Stacy Binkowski and Police Chief Glenn Theriault testified Friday about Kowalefski’s arrest. Upon being pulled over, Kowalefski handed police his federal ID, and asked the Sycamore officers to do him a “professional courtesy,” Theriault said.

Throughout the duration of the hourlong stop, Kowalefski never admitted to participating in any illegal activity, Theriault said. He did, however, tell police he found the massage parlor on a website that Theriault said is known for advertising prostitution.

Postal inspector proceeds with attempt to suppress evidence

13 thoughts on “Postal Inspector charged with soliciting prostitute proceeds with attempt to suppress evidence

  1. The article is poorly written, but it looks like this inspector got caught up in a sting operation.

    The worst thing he could have done is to try to bribe the cop…the obstruction charge will be more serious than the soliciting one and will no doubt seal his fate…but I’m sure this is some inbred clown….where they gave him a 6 week crash course at Quantico then handed him a badge and gun and hope he wouldnt go Barney Fife on anyone.

    This clown didn’t even have enough law enforcement acumen to sniff out a two-bit county mountie prostitute sting.

    Bad postal employees make worse cops! LOL

  2. Sounds like the Postal Inspector deviated from spying on a n employee, or a donut stop! Did he at least use his scanner while getting a message? As for Mr. Sgt Joe Friday, why is it that UPS or Federal Express aren’t required to pre pay their health care costs? The Postal Service’s loses is but an artificial, invented, manufactured cost dreamed up by ex President Forrest Gump. The same idiot that started a war over the “weapons of mass deception” in Iraq!

  3. if you have been at the post office last 20-30 years you know it is circling the drain. losing over 90 Billion since 2009 with the low IQ business model of advancement of complete uneducated morons with diversity and affirmative action. how many $Billions can they lose before they pull the plug……that is the question. what company in private industry would still be in business if it lost $90 Billion in the last 8 years? last current fiscal quarter IOD Muffin Megan smiled when she said they only lost $2 Billion……….would UPS or FDX still be in business if they lost $90 Billion since 2009? maybe the US Postal Circus gives to the Clinton Crime Foundation Slush Fund…..that’s why its still around? I just hope President Trump kicks it to the curb and lets it stand on its feet without govt help.would be gone in less than a year. England and France privatized their Royal Mail and La Post and have not looked back.

    • Try commenting on the article and it’s content. The Postal Service has not lost money, your Republican Congress is responsible for the debt with it’s onerous pre funding demand. May I add a hearty GFY and FU Trump

  4. As far as I have understood during my 31-years as a USPS employee,once a postal-inspector is publically known to be one,his/her postal career is over. Everyone in town potentially now knows the above offender,is a USPS inspector. I am mistaking that exposure means “curtains” for such an employee?

  5. you got bad apples in all walks of life, give him his day in court, if found guilty fire him, this is no big story.

  6. Could this be considered a time waisting practice? It sounds like this guy had some undertime this day,did he report it on a 3996?Surely a scanner device should have alerted his management he was probably off his assigned area. Also sounds like he combined his break and lunch together. A city carrier would have been placed on emergency placement and escorted off postal premises by an inspector just like this guy.I guess management gave him a (professional courtesy).

  7. Well, we can’t exactly blame everything strictly on management or inspectors this time around. Soliciting prostitution is bad – stalking customers is also bad, and very creepy to boot. What gets annoying though is how perverts of other professions and jobs are seldom mentioned except in local news reports or TV stations, but if you’re in the Postal Service or law enforcement, you are very heavily scrutinized. Of course, we can’t tolerate those supposedly upholding the law breaking them, but unless it’s a very serious situation in the USPS, I think the extra attention makes us all look bad. After all, it’s the largest employer in the nation, and people need to understand and expect that we’re all regular people too, and there are some bad people, just like the ones you work with.
    I’ve been given some cold bottles of water the last few days from thoughtful customers even though I have a large water jug full of ice that my lunch spots also thoughtfully let me refill without cost when it’s really hot. Some have heard I would guess from substitutes that I will be retiring soon, and I’m getting some customers telling me they do not want to see me leave because I am good at keeping up with names and don’t make very many misdeliveries. That’s nice, too, so while we read about a few clowns and jackasses here and there, remember there’s a lot of good postal employees out there, too, and I am not excluding my supervisor and the other gal who supervises the rurals and city side when the city supervisor is off. They are considerate, not afraid to take a joke, and they can dish it out too, in a friendly way, back us up when customers call in with false claims, harass carriers or lie about whatever they can make up just to be assholes, and work with us when we need unscheduled abscences. We’re lucky in our office, and I hope you have good management, and believe me, I’ve experienced the worst you could ever imagine.

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