USPS reissues policy on “Workplace Harassment”

USPS reissues policy on "Workplace Harassment"

Effective March 3, 2016, the Postal Service™ reissued its Postal Service Policy on Workplace Harassment.

This policy:

  • Reaffirms the Postal Service’s commitment to providing a work environment free of harassment.
  • Supersedes MOP HR-03-10-2015, Postal Service Policy on Workplace Harassment.

The Postal Service Policy on Workplace Harassment is available on the Postal Service PolicyNet website:

The direct URL for the Postal Service PolicyNet website is http:⁄⁄⁄cpim.

— EEO Compliance and Appeals,
Labor Relations, 3-3-16

Postal Service Policy on Workplace Harassment (1 of 2)


Postal Service Policy on Workplace Harassment (2 of 2)

USPS reissues policy on "Workplace Harassment"

USPS updates Publication 553, Employee’s Guide to Understanding, Preventing, and Reporting Harassment

20 thoughts on “USPS reissues policy on “Workplace Harassment”

  1. Sorry but I don’t buy this. As you have probably already read most employees at the USPS don’t either. We all work for the USPS but feel like we are always being bullied. Supervisors, Managers, Area Managers and so on usually could not do their initial job so they moved on up the ladder. I say put all these idiots back down to their initial jobs for one year. They all claim to be the best, so lets put them back to save us! Problem is most would not last a week. They would probably go out on stress. I say actually walk in my shoes then tell me how bad I am. Don’t threaten us, we are all adults and act as such when treated as such. Treating us with dignity and respect sounds great, but it never happens. What a pity, I feel sorry for all you people in supervision.

  2. Writing a policy about workplace harassment on a piece of paper didn’t work the first time, so let’s write it down on another piece of paper. That’ll fix it!

  3. funny PMG Megan J Brennen published this March 3, 2016 on same day Senior MDO at the Mid-Island PD & C 117/119 harassed me, again, for taking my South Carolina Human Resources approved (all paper work completed by Doctor) FMLA Leave. now from what I understand this Sr MDO is committing a Federal criminal act……….what I would like to know from PMG Megan Brennan is who do I call to file a complaint? Inspectors, PO OIG, Office Personnel Management, DOJ, HLS ? local Police? Megan if you come to our facility to investigate the Sr MDO she will be easy to find, just look for the dot on the head! or Megan are you all talk and no action?

    • just read a story on the internet that Mainland Communist China is going to layoff in the next 2-3 years 5-6 Million Government Workers. Yes you read that correct 5-6 MILLION Government Workers. Google that story and see for yourself. PO mismanagers should not feel so untouchable, with US Federal Govt 21 Trillion in debt, hopefully you are next!

  4. Give me a break. The plant manager where I work was sent away for 6 weeks to learn how to deal with people. She is the same nitwit she was when she left I have seen supervisors come out of meetings crying.

    Who is going to fix this problem, she is in charge?

  5. looks and sounds good on paper, but employees need to step their game to show management we will not be harassed any more, get in touch with your person in congress or the senate, file charges against supervisors, stop crying and take action.

  6. The tools and thugs only do what upper Management
    allows them to do. Harassment is the only constant
    on a daily basis. The PO runs on harassment. Look
    around and count the tools and thugs and how many
    EEO complaints that are filed. What a huge pile of
    dung they throw at us on a daily basis. FIRE THEM

  7. Political Incorrect BS-just like their zero tolerence policy…..never applies to them……..I can not wait for President Trump to turn this Dump upside down. the current po bureaucrats are pure evil and this PMG started her career on an IOD….give me a break……Donald Fire These Rats! they are the scum of the earth. sell it off to UPS and FDX and let the po mismanagers go live under a bridge. even that is to good for them.

  8. If they really want us to believe this craptastic load of nonsense they should start firing managers that harass the employees. Then we might believe it. Until then, stop spewing this lame line of BS.

  9. Ridiculously hard to prove in most cases. The complaint would have to be a choirboy/girl or management would have to a repeat offender with a paper trail.

  10. Get rid of the 3996 form. Management loves this form to harass the letter carrier. I have seen fellow carriers give up their lunch breaks so they didn’t have to fill out a 3996. It is just a tool for management to put the fear of God into the letter carrier. I retired earlier due to the fact that I just couldn’t work in such a toxic environment. Thus, I was cheated out of my last 2 years of work. I was fearful of my actions upon management so I chose to leave. To whoever gives a shit -Jeff

  11. Today one of my co-workers started to cry while we were out to lunch. The office environment was intolerable for her. Management should care but doesn’t. You are the enemy if you complain, end of story!



  14. Okay, so it’s in writing, but since so much of it is law anyway it constitutes an empty gesture on management’s part because 99% of the time they are the guilty parties. I notice that in the definitions, over supervision, which means enforcing standards for one employee that is not equal to others, conducting counts and street inspections over and over with the same carrier where no evidence of wrongdoing occurs, singling out people for alleged offenses and ignoring others doing the same infractions, etc, is not defined and will be used as a convenient loophole.
    City carriers know that the faster and more efficient they are, the longer the routes they end up with, and are expected to do a lot more than some lazy goof off jerks who barely if ever make office standard, are seemingly incapable of doing their routes in eight hours, and have routes with sometimes hundreds less possible deliveries. But the “numbers” are adjusted to their degree of sloth, and management being the unfair jerks they can be, figure that lousy worker is doing okay if he “makes his numbers”, never allowing for the fact that his set of expectations can be a third less than that of a hard working carrier, whom, if they happen to have a bad day but still deliver far more mail than the goof off, get harassed by supervisors.
    In short, you get rewarded with more work and higher expectations if you work hard while the goof off gets overtime and does much less than you do, day after day.
    This is one area where, as a former NALC officer, I had the most personal objection when management did try to make the goof off do his or her fair share. I had to defend this piece of shit carrier knowing my route could be 200 stops longer or more than his or hers. Management eventually gave up, and we get stuck with this double standard way of supervising.
    If management had known the JCAM and the proper procedures for disciplining poor carriers, they could have had some of them removed. But as is almost always the case, there is little if any training on the contract, so invariably they make mistakes that can’t be overlooked and lose their cases.
    It’s a good thing I never wanted to be a supervisor because I would know how to either make that goof off do their work or show them the door and make it stick. And I would have made sure the good carriers got the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

    • I understand Valerie…I just got away from being harassed for a WHOLE YEAR, after BEGGING to be moved out of that station. DOCUMENT..DOCUMENT…

  15. There’s any policy to protect an employee from another employee when this person keep doing whatever he wants and union & management knows about and they haven’t done anything.

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