Postal truck catches fire in Ridgeland MS

8/7/17 RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) –A United States postal truck caught fire in Ridgeland around lunchtime Monday.

The vehicle was parked at a red light at the intersection of Pear Orchard and Lake Harbour.

The driver was able to get out of the car without any injuries.


source: Postal truck catches fire in Ridgeland

3 thoughts on “Postal truck catches fire in Ridgeland MS

  1. did all the $$$ saved on underpaid new employees with no benefits really go to bosses bonus’ instead of delivery vehicles. maybe they can start charging amazon what it really costs to deliver parcels and pick up returns every day.

  2. lets see……….long over due replacement of delivery fleet vs PFP Criminal Bonus Scam for the 110,000 postal mismanagers while losing $Billions of Dollars each month……..Nah, keep pushing those unsafe, 25 year old piles of junk down the road for our skim. (they only look presentable because of the aluminum bodies) This Postal Mismanaging Bureaucrats make the 5 NY Cosa Nostra Crime Families look like a bunch of pikers!

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