Postal Worker credited with spotting grenade package in mailbox

QUEENSBURY — A U.S. Postal Service employee was credited with spotting the suspicious package that contained an inactive hand grenade last week, flagging it for inspection that led to the discovery of the device.

The package was found Thursday in the mailbox outside Warren County Municipal Center. It did not have any postage on it, and was addressed to Warren County Judge John Hall, with a return address of the Warren County District Attorney’s Office, authorities said.

Warren County Undersheriff Shawn Lamouree said the postal worker thought it was strange that the package would not have been sent through the Municipal Center’s standard interoffice mail.

“He thought it was suspicious and brought it into the building to the security checkpoint and they decided it should be X-rayed,” Lamouree said.

The X-ray machine showed the outline of what appeared to be a grenade inside, along with other items that made it appear that it was rigged to explode when opened, police said.

source: Police: Postal worker found grenade package in mailbox