Postal Worker dead after officer-involved shooting in Livermore CA

LIVERMORE, Calif. (KGO) — Police in Livermore shot and killed an armed suspect who started a fire inside a house Wednesday night, according to police.

Residents at Sun Valley Mobile Estates in Livermore say this place is normally quiet. However, last night, was not normal. Livermore police officers opened fire just before 11 p.m.

A man described by neighbors as a longtime resident and postal employee was dead. Before the shots there was a standoff. Police were called about two hours earlier.

“Apparently the subject was challenging people to fight. The first officer to arrive on the scene found the subject and he was armed with a rifle,” said Livermore Police Lt. John Hurd.

source: Arson suspect dead after officer-involved shooting in Livermore

note: Postal Worker was a 30-year City carrier

10 thoughts on “Postal Worker dead after officer-involved shooting in Livermore CA

  1. None of you know anything behind this story yet you are so quick to jump to conclusions. That is truly what is unbelievable.

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  3. keeping the GOING POSTAL legend alive………one postal nut at a time! how come you never see UPS drivers going off the rails?

  4. don’t worry Rolando will issue a statement covering Muffin IOD Meghan butt and her misguided plan to cut workers and not po mismanagement………losing 120 Billion since 2009 is not the fault of workers……it is the stupid po bureaucrats who never went to business school. oh yeah before the “prefunding dingbats” come out of the woodwork………the po mismanaging bureaucrats stopped paying into it in 2009…..its called default for all you home gamers!

    • Mao Zedong, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Castro all took guns away from the people…….you know only communists/socialists do that…….but you don’t care because you are one yourself. communism=misery for ALL!

      • I am not political, but I saw a bumper sticker that gave me a chuckle. It said:

        “If guns are outlawed, only Democrats will have guns.”

        I wonder what that means.

  5. That’s just what our nation needs, more guns on the street! Let every man, woman, child, and pet have a gun. Better yet guns. Never hear of this crap in Canada or Australia. They aren’t as “lucky” as we are. People in Canada or Australia can’t spend every moment cuddling weapons like Americans can.

  6. Sounds like the POs systematic early retirement plan. Check for lazy slug trail leading away from scene.

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