Postal worker discovers ‘community gun’ in Cincinnati OH mailbox

1/10/2018 9 MM handgun located has been connected to several crimes

CINCINNATI — A handgun found in a mailbox is believed to be a community gun, according to Cincinnati police.


“They leave them there knowing that the next guy behind them may use that gun,” Lt. Col. Paul Neudigate of the Cincinnati Police Department said. “They are almost always found in those challenged areas where we do have an increase in violent crime unfortunately.”

The 9 mm handgun was located by a U.S. postal worker in a mailbox near an apartment complex off Colerain Avenue in Mt. Airy.

The postal worker called police and District 5 officers responded to recover the gun.

Postal worker discovers ‘community gun’ in Cincinnati mailbox

2 thoughts on “Postal worker discovers ‘community gun’ in Cincinnati OH mailbox

  1. Why are they publicizing that a postal worker found this gun?! Now the letter carriers in and around that area are potential targets of retaliation!!! This is some very irresponsible sharing of information by the police department. And I’m not certain, but it may actually violate the law. Law enforcement is supposedly not supposed to even talk to a letter carrier on the street for the possible perception that the carrier is tipping them off to criminal activity. Good grief!!!

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