Postal Worker In Hot Water For Allegedly Making Half-Hearted Attempt To Deliver Package

4/10/17 NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A postal worker was caught on surveillance video making an apparent half-hearted attempt to alert a Queens family about a package delivery.|


The video shows the mail carrier pull up to Jamal Williams’s home in Rochdale, Queens and get out of his truck with what appears to be a slip for a package.

The only problem, Williams says, is that there was no attempt to actually deliver it.

Instead, the mail carrier can be seen ringing the doorbell and walking away.

Source: Postal Worker In Hot Water For Failing To Deliver Package

11 thoughts on “Postal Worker In Hot Water For Allegedly Making Half-Hearted Attempt To Deliver Package

  1. Look at the size of that truck! Do you think he had only one parcel ! The truck had hundreds of packages , he went to the house rang the bell and left a notice ! End of story!!!!! Shame on the media for sharing how we are abused

  2. Safety First. He has a limitation of lifting not more than 2 lbs, package weighted 3 lbs.

  3. Seems what I use to do when I was a carrier. Ring doorbell, no answer, leave package or slip. What’s the big deal here or is there more to this story?

  4. Be interested to see the video without the editing. And no time stamp? Roger is correct. Chances are carrier was relatively certain there would be no response and/or the package was large enough he wasn’t going to drag it to the door unless he knew a receipient was available. Another hyperbolic media story slamming the postal service!! Go figure. Is there anything important going on in the world lately?!

  5. At least he moved.
    Got 5 supervisors that sit at computers and watch videos all day.
    he was probably in a hurry to scan 15 pieces of mail for
    no reason.
    Does UPS scan 15 packages so some lazy pig can get a bonus?
    Just wondering?

  6. no secure location so he left notice; maybe he’s a T6 and saw a reminder card about leaving notices

  7. How is this making no attempt? He rang the door bell, and apparently there was no answer. If someone had answered the door, he would have gone to get the package and delivered it.
    In all likelihood, he knew the customer was not home so didn’t bother bringing the package to the door. If there is more to the story, they should say so.

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