Postal Worker shooting highlights dangers for mail carriers

9/1/2017 CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Local mail carriers are calling union leaders concerned after one of their own was shot on the job in west Charlotte Thursday.

National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 545 President Sylvin Stevens has been comforting letters carriers non-stop since the shooting.


“I’m wearing this ribbon in solidarity and support to Mr. McDaniels. I hope he gets well soon,” Stevens said.

Stevens said he went to the hospital to visit with the victim’s family Thursday night and learned carrier Ed McDaniels should recover.  Stevens remembers a similar crime in the past.

“It reminded me of 1996,” he said. “Not only a letter carrier, a friend of mine got shot in the head, by a customer.”

Stevens let that experience guide him Friday morning when he went to McDaniels’ post office to support rattled carriers before they went out on their routes.

Eyewitness News saw police and postal inspectors back at the scene Friday of the shooting near Archer Avenue and Clanton Road.

Last week, Channel 9 discovered the postal service suspended mail for two days near West Charlotte High School when carriers heard gunfire.

Postal worker shooting highlights dangers for mail carriers

7 thoughts on “Postal Worker shooting highlights dangers for mail carriers

  1. Did anyone ever consider the thought that perhaps that GUNS are the problem? Since the 90’s more and more shootings nationwide . What is about having guns in church, schools, cars, living rooms, everywhere? Our nation is as safe as Mexico! When is our government going to lead and not follow?

  2. saw the GE article on “Seeking Alpha” finance website………….new CEO Flannery may cut GE Management 30%……they are calling him Neutron Jack 2.0……………if they can cut 30% at GE you know they could cut 80% of the mismanagers at the Postal Circus. you would never notice they were gone.

  3. in Moscow, Russia the Letter Carriers pack heat………way ahead of the dolts who run the Postal Circus.
    Also, General Electric has a new CEO named Flannery…….he said that Headquarters and any management positions in the company that do not generate revenue or turns a profit are going to be cut……….think we can trade for this guy and give them IOD Muffin Meahgan. notice GE CEO Flannery did not say he was going to cut………workers! Brennen is just taking the S out of Service. Trump fire this dumb Obammy holdover!

  4. It’s time to review the universal standard guarantee. In horrible neighborhoods it’s getting too risky to send carriers deep into projects that are high crime areas. The people of these neighborhoods are victims of gangs and their kids are seriously endangered every time they step out their apartment door, something I am glad being a childless person I don’t have to worry about. My wife and I are unable to have kids, and are in our mid and late 50’s, now, so it’s a moot point. But we live in a nice quiet town that shares a city limit with a small city of around 100,000 (Fayetteville, Arkansas) when the students are in town for fall and spring semesters at the U of A. But Fayetteville is a nice town – it has some problem areas, but very small neighborhoods.
    But the USPS and the NALC and NARLC should be discussing the merits of universal delivery in the name of safety for those expected to spend five, six or more hours in some truly dangerous places. I recommend mandatory PO boxes in known gang areas. Most people just bitch about getting “bills” anyway and junk mail. The social attachment to the mail has dramatically decreased since the computer revolution of the 1980’s, and bills can be paid on line, or with bank drafts. I do not want to see the USPS lose business, but we have to think about the lives of our carriers first. Box rental will help defray costs, and routes can become more manageable if they aren’t overburdened.

    • Circus correct you are something must be done. First please stop desensitizing the level and Quality of work performed by Postal employees. All of this malarky about quality of work, Just to appease the white supremacy groups, and the other hate mongers and management has all of the authority over those functions. Next, deliver every piece everyday, What happen to no mail left locked in a building overnight, without heads rolling. After second pass let it go, but do second !

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