Postal Worker shot, killed at Georgia Post Office

11/27/17 DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. – Federal authorities are investigating a deadly shooting at a local post office.

Channel 2’s Nefertiti Jaquez learned Monday night a postal worker was seriously wounded when she was shot in the head on the job. She later died.

The shooting happened at the post office at Wesley Chapel Road and Snap Finger Road in Decatur.

DeKalb County police and U.S. postal inspectors swarmed the post office moments after shots rang out.

“It’s hard to understand,” said Michael Grogan, who witnessed the shooting. “He turned around and came back. Then two shots went off, then two more.”


Grogan doesn’t know who the shooter is, but he told Jaquez the man was hanging out at the laundromat next door before walking out, approaching the victim in the dock area and opening fire.

“He was sitting in this seat right here, looking out the window,” Grogan said.

Federal authorities investigating deadly shooting at DeKalb County post office

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  1. How many more deaths and injuries have to happen before our government finally cares about it’s citizens? just after the Las Vegas shootings Senator John Thune came out and said that “Americans are just going to have to protect themselves”! So we must pay federal taxes for what? The only thing our absent government does 1 protect gun huggers,2 enable business to screw the American people. It is amazing that many laws have passed, and many more are being pushed, to make voting harder. At the same time nothing has been done on gun restrictions. Every man, woman, and child has the right to own a gun, but not have the right to vote!

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