Postal workers caught: What’s being done to prevent theft at your post office

7/3/17 KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -A business owner took action when money sent to her in the mail mysteriously disappeared.And she wasn’t the only one getting ripped off. Her complaint sparked an investigation into one of many postal employees caught stealing the mail they are trusted to deliver.


Terry Williams is one of the most recent former postal employees who pleaded guilty to stealing greeting cards, gift cards and Netflix DVDs. Investigators say when they caught him, he had more than 330 greeting cards


Source: Postal workers caught: What’s being done to prevent theft at you – KCTV5

5 thoughts on “Postal workers caught: What’s being done to prevent theft at your post office

  1. My office has a front desk clerk caught redhanded in a money order theft scam. They are still letting him work, because his case isn’t for 18 months. Boss said might as well let him work, instead of staying home and getting a paycheck. Pure Genius.

  2. This happened about 1 year ago, one of the local post offices in South Florida had it’s air conditioner not working, so they called a repair man, when the AC Guy went on the roof to look at the AC, what he found was astonishing, he found about 30 empty packages that were supposed to go to customers. Someone in the Post Office, was taking the packages and throwing the empty boxes on the roof.

  3. is not getting bonus money based on phony numbers and losing $Billions of dollars a year a form of stealing? all done with the good graces of the Postal OIG……..who take their VIG out of the bonus scam. then there is the nepotism racket…….another way of stealing from the American Public. I laugh at these stories……go after the gold fish while they watch the whale swim by…… to love the US Postal Circus! heck the current PM General started out as a IOD within her first 6 months on the job……….latched on to Donahoe and the rest is history!

  4. It isn’t just rural and city carriers. Theft goes on at all levels, and the biggest theft of all is the malfeasance and corruption at the very top. We also had a Postal Inspector arrested and convicted of drug theft a year or so ago. Then there’s parcel theft too.
    But while this is serious and must be stopped, given the enormity of the Service, being the country’s biggest employer, it’s a logistical nightmare and when the people who are supposed to stop postal theft are doing it themselves you’re kind of out of luck.
    Still, we should remember that this kind of stuff goes on everywhere in all businesses in one style or another. Proportionately, most postal workers are honest and don’t stoop to that kind of behavior.
    We city carriers (until I retired) predicted once the CCA program was announced several things that would happen, and not because we are crystal ball readers but had the experience to know. First, with little union protection, management would abuse their power and the CCA’s mercilessly. The CCA’s would be expected to carry enormous mail loads in much less time than regular carriers, encouraged to run, skip breaks and lunches, and sometimes go weeks without a day off especially when started Sunday delivery.
    Second, with these half priced runners, management would avoid route inspections and adjustments like a flesh eating virus. My old office hasn’t had one in years because CCA’s could carry the overload a lot cheaper than it would cost a maxed out regular carrier. Third, under enormous pressure, CCA’s would soon figure out their pay was not commiserate with the demands made of them. They would make tons of misdeliveries, get exhausted and quit when they saw the opportunities for full time jobs kept sliding further and further away. It was reported to me that management in their training schools told new hires to stay away from old regulars and especially the NALC.
    This contributes to the general lack of professionalism nationwide as people who would have jumped at the chance to work for the USPS like I did wouldn’t touch it now because they could get the same pay for a lot easier work and actual time off. So lower quality workers would inevitably be hired, and that would include some who weren’t above theft and other crap. Maybe now that many CCA’s will be converted as a result of the pending NALC contract, it will alleviate the number of thefts, but that is a one shot deal, and soon the cycle will start all over again. I believe the overall sense of dedication to one’s job has dramatically plummeted in recent decades, where younger workers are geared to think all they have to do is show up and then the company “owes” them something. Not every worker thinks like that, thankfully, but a lot do, and we see it everywhere we go with rude service, cashiers who can’t count change, manufactured materials that are damaged or poorly constructed, and on and on.
    This is what happens when the big businesses and Republicans want low paid work forces with no benefits or pensions. Unions used to be very effective in instilling a little pride in one’s performance, because we would get good pay and actually be able to retire, so we were more willing to work harder. With no incentives, work performance will be much lower, as will honesty and integrity.

    • Circus, You’re 100% correct. Then our so called managers are allowed by us, to treat us, the way they do. The power of the Pen, will keep everybody away with bad intentions!. At least a distance, and you will be respected when you make no deals at all with them. Do whats right and the most productive way possible. You really told the real truth to the story of what happened to society and the Bigg Crash before the downfall!?

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