Postal workers on unpaid leave? Who cares

In response to your Monday editorial about U.S. Postal Service workers who took unpaid leave to campaign for Hillary Clinton:

You can get a good fix on how bad Donald Trump is doing by monitoring the Review-Journal editorial section. On Monday, the hand wringing occurred around the fact that 97 postal workers took unpaid time off to campaign for Hillary Clinton. A few observations are in order:


So what? Hillary Clinton lost the election and Republicans won the jackpot with majorities in all three branches of the federal government. Stop worrying about Hillary Clinton and focus on governing.

So what? Ninety-seven postal employees took unpaid leave out of a workforce of 434,000. That amounts to 0.02 percent of that cohort. Really? This is the most important thing going on in this country to focus time on in an editorial?

Postal workers on unpaid leave? Who cares

22 thoughts on “Postal workers on unpaid leave? Who cares

  1. They take unpaid leave cause they’ve blown their paid leave throughout the year. As far as “What Happened”…..Billary Clinton lost and King Barak Hussein Obama is gone! Live wit dat hommies… it! Don’t like it? Take a knee like all the rest of the unhappy left or threaten to move to Canada! LoL… it! LOL! I loved the look on her face when she lost! Classic! Payback for Benghazi Bi_ _h!!

  2. funny that the A-PEE-U is just sitting by and doing nothing while po mismanagement is taking bids and jobs away from the senior union employees alover the country……..yet a Dallas Cowboy Football Player gets in trouble and is going to be suspended for 6 games…..and the NFL union goes out and hires lawyers who get a restraining order and a Federal Injunction from a Federal Judge who says fact finding must take place……and he gets to play until the legal briefs come in and the Judge sets a court date so both sides can submit summary evidence…….guess this is what happens when you do not have company unions. screw A-PEE-U….screw bagel breath Diamondstein! the fix is in from these 1% rats!

  3. What a nice picture of Mrs. Clinton. I thought I would add some sunshine to this otherwise polarized and adversarial atmosphere. What a nice picture. Beautiful blue eyes, rosy cheeks. We just need to stop and smell the roses.

    • DemonKKKat Jimmy Carter and the 1978 Airline Deregulation Act screwed over 600,000 blue collar airline workers………….LBJ came up with the student deferment for the rich 1% Demoncat kids while the poor working class kids went to war. Obammy flooded country will low skill workers who went toe to toe with working class at 1/2 the pay……Clinton voted for NAFTA & CAFTA and got rid of the Glass-Steagal Act………Demonrats are NO FRIEND TO THE WORKING CLASS. never got more than a 1% raise from theaforementioned bums. best raise a postal worker ever got came from Republican Richard Milhouse Nixon! just donlt confuse postal dolts with the facts.

  4. Dear x custodian, I would rather be a ” union thug Postal employee” than a RATPUBLICAN servant Postal employee. I am proud to be ” rotten to the core” anti RATPUBLICAN citizen! And why would a union ever support a RATPUBLICAN? My father was a Postal clerk during the time of President D. Eisenhower. That creep vetoed six pay bills during is time in office! My father was paid the vast sum of .86 cents per hour. Just bow down to the masters. The state of Illinois passed the legislation requiring a eight hour work day. However the state refused to enforce the law. Businesses and the religious leaders though that $ 1.50 per ten hour was necessary, and that the workers should work hard now and enjoy the fruits of their labor in heaven. Though the rich could enjoy life now! You want to be a slave, go for it.

  5. Where is this person getting those numbers of our workforce, if he or she knows anything about the postal service, he/she would surly know those numbers are all off. Yes most of the Union thug Postal Employees are rotten to the core democrat voters, never in my thirty years did any Union ever support a Repub. That said not one Demonrat president has done anything for the Postal Service.

  6. It is not a violation to campaign for candidates running for elected office! The hatch act was amended in the 90’s. So Miss Wong, they aren’t criminals! Hate to inform you, your wrong! I hope you enjoy your President Donald Dump. I read that the UMWU is disappointed now with their choice in the Washington Post. Very informative story.

  7. We all know that if the NALC had endorsed Donald Dump nothing would have been said. Don’t worry about America going backward to the “good old days”, just help the brown shirts take control.

  8. like a snowball downhill………in a year it will be 5000……year after that 20,000…….nip it in the bud now. these postal people are a cunning bunch and not in a good way.


  10. It was a Trump supporting carrier that called Sen. Ron Johnson. Johnson has a difficult reelection next cycle. Federal workers can’t campaign or accept money on Federal Campaigns. They can educate other union members & their household who the labor councils endorse. That is what they did. OSC is wrong on their findings, there was no campaigning by Federal Workers.

  11. The Hatch Act could use some reforming. While we as postal employees don’t need to be doing campaign work on the clock in uniform, especially on the street, why we can’t work for campaigns on our own time is unfair. We’re just letter carriers and clerks, not federal employees who are part of the elections and party parts of the government.
    Not that there is anybody I’d want to campaign for anyway, but if my neighbors can, and I can’t just because I handle mail (or used to), that’s not right. After all, I spent 32+ years delivering political shit to damn near every house, the same slimeballs promising everything and delivering nothing. So in effect I had to campaign by distributing election propaganda whether I agreed with it or supported it or not. Like a postal worker is going to sway any large election. What so many of these people who go out and beat themselves to death to help their candidate never seem to realize is that most people are so set in their ways and resistant to anything they hear from the opposite party that it’s a waste of time.
    And while I’m rambling, I hate the campaign signs and bumper stickers that appear all over the place at election time. I have never and will never base my vote on a yard sign, billboard, bumper sticker or political ad. I really don’t give a rat’s ass who you are supporting, and get sick of people trying to impose their views on everything on others who didn’t ask them for their opinions. I don’t give a shit who your favorite sports team is, where you go to church, where your wonderful precious “child” (my memories seem to recall these precious “children” could be horribly mean stupid little brats, carbon copies sometimes of their equally stupid parents) is an honor student, whether you participated in a marathon, or what kind of damn dog you own. This stuff helps promote mass mentality, and makes us social lemmings who are more interested in being like everybody else instead of thinking and living for ourselves, but without being selfish about it.

    • Yeah! Down with the Democratic Republic! Who needs elections anyhow! LOL….I don’t blame ya…you’ve just become desensitized.

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