Postal Workers say they are being forced to fake package deliveries

Postal workers in Utah, across nation cite delivery problems

12/5/17 RIVERTON, Utah – Utah Postal Service workers said they’re being forced to fake package deliveries to make it look like they’re meeting quotas for companies like Amazon and now, others are saying it’s not just an issue in the Beehive State.


Fox 13 first reported the problems last week, starting with frustrated residents in Herriman. Several people said they noticed the Riverton Post Office kept scanning packages as delivered, but the packages would be MIA.

Then, two or three days later, the package would show up on the doorstep.

A Riverton Post Office worker anonymously came forward to confirm the faked deliveries in Herriman, and explain that they do it because they are too understaffed to meet the delivery expectations.

Many who commented online said they lived in various cities in Utah, but the comments expanded to other states including Ohio, Illinois, Florida, South Carolina and California.

In Atlanta, local postal workers made the same claim in a similar news story. 

“We have to falsify the timing where a lot of carriers don’t want to do that, but you’re mandated to with a director order,” a postal carrier said.

On Monday, Fox 13 spoke with a man who verified he’s a USPS carrier in California, and he said it is very commonplace to falsify package deliveries.

22 thoughts on “Postal Workers say they are being forced to fake package deliveries

  1. I guess you all should come to saint George, never had a problem with managers trying to get us to falsify scans. They are great, understand the long hours and stress and try their hardest to get us in before dark. And any of you saying “I got a direct order” to falsify scans………. There is a simple solution, refuse. This isn’t the military, I have ignored direct orders before if they didn’t make sense.

  2. I’m a clerk, wife was a carrier. In our little town we have a couple of old timer carriers who play the system, have routes that take about 3.5 hrs to complete, but they ask for help or overtime everyday! And they get it, while new carriers running full routes are harassed to get back on time and help other carriers out! Supervisor is a joke, spends his day flirting with the young women, trying to cover his own butt, while failing to monitor what his employees are actually doing. Postmaster is not around, he is filling in for open Postmaster spots in bigger offices. We also have a carrier on “light duty” but not really, who is helping as a 2nd supervisor, but we are not rated as needing a 2nd supervisor, and she is not qualified to supervise. But she is slightly better than the real supervisor. New hires are all part time, not being screened like we used to be, they don’t have pride in the job because they have no assurance that they will be here long term, so they don’t care to do “the right thing”. Management just trying to get their bonuses, care about no one else.

  3. and where is the NALC on this? oh yeah, no where to be found. fred is probably on the golf course in Florida drinking with postal management and patting each other on the back…… goooooo union!!

  4. I would like to say Long Island, NY…….but they can not even get the mail out of the Plant.

  5. The problem is missorts and misships, every delivery company has them. Combine that with unattainable performance goals and bam, you have fabrication. It’s not just a matter of making a bonus, Supervisors, Managers and Postmasters would never get a pay raise and suffer constant beat downs. The culture at the Post Office has become the problem and it’s an epidemic across the board with all delivery companies trying to measure up to unrealistic expectations set by Amazon. Machine error will account for 4%, human error can attribute to another 2-4%. That’s 6-8% which, when you look at the actual numbers is what were performing at, 92 to 96%. The goal in 99.2% which is not attainable in any unit, ever! Anyone who is at goal is lying, period.

    • do yourself a big favor, go to electronic bill pay. I have switched over 12 years ago after late and lost bills… are too kind to this place, you owe these scum nothing.since going electronic pay I have never had a single problem in 12 years……my fico score is 849.

  6. I’ve been out for a year now as a retiree, but this understaffing is getting worse and worse. My street didn’t get any mail last Friday, and needless to say my outgoing mail and other customers’ outgoing mail didn’t get picked up. Since September I’ve had three bills for various utilities and a credit card payment lost on their way to Atlanta, Dallas and St. Louis, and all contained checks for usual monthly fees. My bank is a dirty bank – Arvest, which is owned by Wal-Mart- and charge $25 for a stop payment fee. So while I was able to get the businesses to waive the late fee since our payment records are spotless, or were, I was still out $25 bucks and the USPS will not even dream of reimbursing me.
    Management refuses to adequately staff offices and then fills them with CCA’s on the city side and whatever the equivalent is on the rural – I was a city carrier my 32+ years. Some do well – others are absolutely terrible, and all are overworked and harassed to make management’s goals that are unrealistic and most of the time impossible to fulfill.
    And I am at the point where I am considering bank drafts for all my usual utilities, cable and car payments. It saddens me to take business away from a place I gave excellent service for, ruined my shoulder and back, had two hernia surgeries, and the best years of my life. But if I can’t rely on the USPS to handle my correspondence correctly, lose my bills I mail out, or not even bother to deliver my mail, not to mention probably millions nationwide, I will take my business away.
    As this article points out, management is totally incompetent, crooked and have absolutely no interest whatsoever in their workers except to abuse the shit out of them in many offices (not mine at least the last several years I was there – we were lucky) and totally ignore customers’ needs. They lie to us. They lie to customers. They lie to Congress. An extensive honest investigation into their world of embezzlement and other wrongdoing is far far overdue.

  7. The toolbags have been scamming everyone for years.
    Lack of people, no overtime, insane amounts of mail
    to deliver. Who cares. Lie, cheat, scam, whatever the
    toolbags have to do to keep their jobs. Immoral, unethical
    lying DBs all of them starting at the top with Muffin Meghen.
    Management has lost all credibility with the crafts. They really are
    pathetic human beings willing to do anything to keep their jobs.
    They are purposely running the service into the ground. How are those
    new standards working out Meghen?

  8. typical usps bs. mgrs instructing carriers to lie; dont do it.dont falsify delivery times. what are they gonna do? write u up for not forging delivery times?

  9. AS long as the numbers look good on paper!!! Management don’t give a rats ass about employees or customers. When is somebody going to investigate this bogus postal management??????

  10. I’ve witnessed it as well. I’m retiring soon so will remain anonymous. Management has become like the mob, accountable to no one but each other. I’m seeing a volume of parcels that cannot possibly be delivered with the current staffing levels and it’s only the first week of the season.

    32 years ago, while on my 90 day probation, I was ordered to fake a delivery attempt time on an Express piece. The lies have continued ever since.

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