Postmaster Convicted Of Threatening Employees involving opening packages containing illegal drugs

PITTSBURGH (AP) – A suspended western Pennsylvania postmaster has been convicted of threatening employees who saw him opening packages containing illegal drugs.

Jurors in Allegheny County convicted 51-year-old Daniel Davis on Friday of obstruction of justice and three counts of witness intimidation as well as one count each of oppression and coercion. The panel acquitted him of three counts each of coercion and oppression and another intimidation count.

an threatened to retaliate if they reported seeing him open parcels and remove marijuana, cocaine and heroin, which he then turned over to postal inspectors.

Davis testified that he was trained to interdict suspicious packages when he was the postmaster in Toledo, Ohio, and continued to do so when he came to Pittsburgh in February 2014. He denied having threatened anyone.


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9 thoughts on “Postmaster Convicted Of Threatening Employees involving opening packages containing illegal drugs

  1. Trucker says: If these convictions are felonies, this dirtbag is out. He cannot work for any federal agency. Maybe a greeter at a store.

  2. It is very curious that the OIG and the US Attorney’s office refused to pursue this case that is their jurisdiction and local law enforcement and DA’s office took it on.Good work Allegheny County authorities.

  3. While it wasn’t as sinister as this case, I know of an incident where, during a count and inspection, a woman on the team doing safety analysis’ of the carriers she rode with told every carrier she inspected that she had managed to get run over by her own postal vehicle. This occurred when she dismounted, left the engine on and parking brake off and the vehicle slipped into gear and ran over her foot
    So applying the same logic, it would then mean that management would make this Pittsburgh sicko an even higher level “expert” on mailing drugs, employee/management abuses and violations of the Joint Statement on Violence and Behavior in the Workplace. After all, he has experience!

  4. Celebrating the demise of another person. Hope u all don’t do anything wrong in life since u all so perfect. Judge not or be judged.

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