Postmaster General offers holiday message for employees


The following message is from PMG Megan J. Brennan:

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, I would like to thank each of you for all you do every day for our customers, co-workers and our organization.

I am continually inspired by your collective efforts on behalf of the Postal Service, and I commend your dedication to our customers as we fulfill our core business objectives of delivering world-class customer experiences; engaging, equipping and empowering our employees; innovating; and investing in the future.

Our customers rely on us and know we are uniquely positioned to deliver the holidays. In addition, I know you all take great pride in serving the American public. We expect to pick up, process, transport and deliver more than 16 billion pieces of mail this holiday season — a 12 percent increase over last year’s holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. We are ready, and this is what we do.

Please take time this season of thanks to appreciate your families, friends and the many other things in your lives for which you are grateful.

I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.

source: USPS News Link

16 thoughts on “Postmaster General offers holiday message for employees

  1. How about charging UPS and FedX for all the postage due parcel Management orders is to deliver every day without USPS Postage or barcodes!

    A few every day in every office will pay for all of managements bonuses!

  2. How about charging UPS and FedX for postage when management orders us to deliver them without any USPS postage, barcode, or sticker stating we are collecting revenue.

    A few in every office every day across the country will pay for all the management bonuses!

  3. How about getting rid of supervisors standing around 10-12 hours a night on their phones not knowing what going on!

  4. I am thankful I have a job I am thankful I work for the Postal Service for all its ups and downs it still offered me more than anywhere I ever worked. I am thankful things are changing in the country and its going to get better and that’s because it is better than where we were headed.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  5. youre so full of crap! just like donuthole. ” oh thank you so much for all your hard work…” what a load of b.s. you could care less about the employees.

  6. A much more meaningful thanks would be to end the culture of bullying and harassment that permeates USPS. Today, I RAN nearly every inch of a walking route that took longer for me plus one other to do during training. I delivered two hampers of parcels today. I worked so hard that tonight at home, my legs gave out and I had to catch myself with my arms. I have so far not been able to eat lunch while working, and today I had to beg customers to let me use their bathrooms because the time to return to the station set by management didn’t allow for comfort stops. After working that hard, did I get a thank you, a pat on the back, or even a thumbs up? I got reminded that I can be fired at any time, and called “borderline disrespectful” for mentioning how hard I worked.

    Now, I’m searching for local job openings because I can’t trust my job security no matter how hard I work. For management, this is a head game to see if I give up. For me, it’s a question of whether my family eats.

    THIS is what needs to be reformed in the Postal Service. Once union protection kicks in, management can’t so easily bully people. So, people get hazed in their probationary period. As a result, you get people like me who will break themselves in service who are constantly on the lookout for other opportunities because being abused as punishment for working hard while constantly being threatened doesn’t exactly inspire loyalty.

    If the PMG wants to thank us, how about doing something real to protect us from abuse? If I find work with comparable pay and better treatment, then I’ll be out the door, and that means more work for your other carriers. When you abuse and chase away people who work that hard for you, then how can you expect anything but losses?

    • So very well said! Hang in there. I had 28 years in and had a nervous breakdown from their continuous harassment. I had to leave 2 years away from retirement because my well being was much more important to me. I lost a lot of money doing this but in my heart I know it was what I had to do. I do not think I would be alive today if I didn’t leave when I did. Best of luck to you.

  7. Very nice of the postmaster to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving. I’ll take this opportunity to wish
    her the same .

  8. I want to correct one sentence: “Don’t think postal employees DON’T consider you a product of blatant nepotism.” But that’s how management gets its help, with clans and suckups.

  9. And here’s our “holiday message” to you: Start listening to craft people and customers and hire help!!! Do you find it acceptable, Ms. Brennan, to have carriers out until 2:30 AM in Berkeley, California because you and your cronies will not hire a sufficient number of people to get the damn job done? Do you find it acceptable that the service is eroding dramatically because your management does no training of CCA’s other than to run their asses off?
    There is no mention of accuracy, reliability, proper handing of undeliverable mail, or even how to handle vacation hold mail! CCA’s have reported this, many of them and I believe them. Your instructors tell them to run and let the regular fix the screwups.
    That is irresponsible in the extreme. You by extension must accept personal responsibility for the miserable way you have allowed the Service to disintegrate, carrying on the same style of mismanagement your previous PMG Donohoe did. Don’t think postal employees consider you a product of blatant nepotism.
    I retire in about a month, and while I will be proud of my service, I am ashamed at how you and your management nation wide have allowed the Service to become such a nightmare. You do not understand we are a SERVICE, as in United States Postal SERVICE, and you provide only massively delayed mail, horrendous mistakes and indifference to our customers.
    We are NOT ready. My office is down four carrier positions. The hiring process takes far too long, and December will be a nightmare of gigantic proportions. Maybe you are ready, but you are so far removed from the real work you don’t care. I think your compliments are phony and convince nobody. Save them for somebody else.

  10. The only thing those 16 billion pieces of mail do is ruin the holidays for USPS employees, many of whom are forced to work Sundays and even Christmas. Many have not even had a raise in years.

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