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  1. TE to CCA. We all have worked with runners like you, and we pick up your
    misdelivered mail with an apology to our customers. How long will it be
    before you have a vehiclle accident or an injury? Who are you trying to impress? I hope it is not postal mgmt. because you are just a running fool, and they will use you until you do have an accident, and then it’s GOODBYE!!

  2. Mass carrier I don’t want to hear it. I GUARANTEE I could do your route and knock two hours off of it. There’s not one route that I’ve done that takes me more than 4 hours to do. It’s a joke because of how people play games. “OOO I have 6 trays of DPS instead of 5, looks like an hour of OT for me.” I’ve been to tons of different offices and never have come across a route that I would consider “hard.” We have a CCA in her lower 30’s that’s 7 months pregnant and still does a route plus 2 hrs extra every day and still gets done before regulars who are not even on the OT list. It not just one office I see this at either. The postmaster at my office tells me every day that he can’t wait to get me in full time because he knows I won’t play any games and continue to work hard day in and day out but that’s not going to happen until the “old people” finally move on.

  3. Cynthia, I never said it was a terrible place to work. In virtually every office there are a handful of unproductive workers. In every craft. In my neck of the woods, we police our own. The union must represent all of it’s members, even non members. But lazy people, dishonest people, and thieves would be dealt with accordingly. Regardless your opinions about the union which you apparently don’t belong too, the reality is you’d be working for chump change without it. In the most recent Postal Record, there are several articles about Vince Sombrotto, our onetime National President. He was from my area. I had the privilege of meeting him several times over the years. You should read those articles for your own edification. This PMG has done nothing to further this organization, quite the contrary, he’s done much to harm it. And I wonder how many of you who advocate 5 day delivery would feel the same way if it was Sunday and Wednesday off.

  4. Oh yea, and here’s how I agree with the PMG and criticize the union: Unions are only fighting for one thing: their own pockets! More employees = More Union dues.

    I say if working there is so terrible, then move on. Most of the union members I know wouldn’t make it in the free market because they are lazy and dishonest and downright stealing.!!!

  5. Brian, I agree the “hard worker” part of your comment. Back when I was hired over 25 yrs ago, we had “quality” first class mail and virtually no other way to receive it. Now, however, it is different, as you well know. It’s not about having Saturday’s off, it’s about saving the company as a whole. We no longer have the volume of first class mail and 6 day delivery is no longer needed to deliver advertisements. It’s not going to hurt anyone not to get that Land’s End catalog on Monday. Little jobs would be lost if they offer early outs for carriers. I think a lot of them who are eligible would go. I’ll gladly step aside so that the majority can save their job! (I also realize I am probably in the minority at being able to retire at a young age)

    My whole point is that we don’t need to deliver ads 6 days a week. We simply don’t get enough revenue to justify a carrier’s salary anymore. It’s just that simple…

  6. Here in the Northeast it’s virtually impossible to retire on a mailman’s pension. Property taxes are amongst the highest in the country. Add a child or two in college makes it a dream at best. I’m currently retirement eligible but I am looking for another job so I can leave.But I won’t until I have something in place.Talk is cheap but I can assure you my superiors are not happy that I am a short timer. I’m in a 60 route office and the senior people are the least of managements concerns. It’s my hope that deserving TE’s soon to be CCA’s achieve career status. Hard working people should be able to make a decent living. But you were not guaranteed permanent employment when you were hired, and attacking senior people is shortsighted at best.Believing that USPS will save 2 billion dollars cutting Saturday’s but disbelieving that cutting a day of delivery would prove harmful to USPS leads to an obvious conclusion. If Saturday’s off are so important you should never have taken the job.How any carrier can praise this PMG but criticize the union is beyond me.

  7. I sure don’t understand the argument “America/economy will suffer if PO discontinues Saturday mail delivery.”

    I deliver to an affluent neighborhood, and if these people are telling me they could care less about Saturday delivery, then I’m listening. If it’s the poorer areas that want to continue getting coupons/ads, then they don’t have the money to go buy “extras” anyway, and if they buy anyway, they are ultimately hurting the economy by later having to declare bankruptcy because they’ve spent money they don’t have!!!!!

    Please, take this argument and sell it to someone else, because I just don’t see it being factual. It’s a union scare tactic to make people believe that something terrible will happen, and then the need for this now “convenience” that we deliver. We (the PO) are an obsolete entity, and once it is no longer valuable, it is no longer preservable. By eliminating Saturday, at least the PMG is trying to save the company, therefore saving jobs. Unlike the union, who just want to save union dues to keep their own personal wallets fat. They make me sick and they should be ashamed for spreading lies.

    Can you say video stores and book stores? People don’t really need them anymore either…

  8. To Te to CCa, we as carriers generally stick together but in this case you should watch yourself. Judy is intitled to work as long as she chooses . This is America and Letter carriers determine how long it takes to do their routes not management regardless of how fast or slow they seem to be doing it. You would know this with proper training. I applaud her for doing this job at 60 because most people couldn’t do my route in their 30’s . We have 5 retirement age carriers in my office and 3 of them do their routes and go home daily no issues and the others are on the otdl and will work as late as needed . I have seen TE’s in their 20’s come in and they can’t hack it.

  9. Judy from jersey you’re one of the reasons the post of is losing so much money. People who can retire don’t and just sit around getting over paid and not giving anything back. In the office I work there’s about 10 people out of 22 that can retire but don’t. They come in every day, walk or drive as slow as possible and always put in for overtime. It disgusting to watch the old timers play games and suck up so much time costing the company millions. When the supervisor finally steps in and says something about picking up speed they file a grievance costing even more money.

  10. 5 or 6 day they can still save money giving early out to carriers and hiring a ton of carrier assistants (CA). I would do this asap. even before the 5 day is implemented

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