Postmasters: Senate Approves Budget Resolution Without Benefit Hits

10/19/2017 On Thursday evening, October 19, the Senate narrowly passed (51-49) its version of a budget resolution that did not include “reconciliation instructions” targeting postal and federal retirement and health benefits. The Senate GOP leadership elected to take up the House passed budget resolution, House Concurrent Resolution 71, and substitute the Senate’s Budget Committee’s text for the House bill. The Senate’s intent was focused on creating a legislative vehicle to enact tax reform, rather than burden the effort with contentious budget cutting proposals that, in part, would have impacted many federal programs, including federal and postal health and retirement benefits.


During consideration of the budget resolution, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) offered a series of amendments that would have, in part,directed the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee to make cuts to programs under its jurisdiction. These programs include federal health and retirement benefits. Each one the Paul Amendments were defeated.

UPMA thanks its legislative activists for contacting their senators to oppose cuts to health and retirement programs within the context of the budget resolution. Now, the House and Senate will need to resolve the differences between the House and Senate-passed budget resolutions.It has been reported that the Senate version of the budget may be acceptable to the House GOP Leadership. If this is accurate, then a Conference Committee could be averted and the House will simply take up and pass the Senate-passed bill. Nevertheless, UPMA members should still communicate to their Senators and members of the House of Representatives to accept the Senate position with respect to reconciliation instructions.

source: United Postmasters and Managers of America

House Passes Budget Targeting Federal Retirement and Health Benefit Programs for $32 billion in Cuts

12 thoughts on “Postmasters: Senate Approves Budget Resolution Without Benefit Hits

  1. Facts are, is that the current Federal Tax Policies strongly favor investments(,stocks,bonds,real-estate,etc.)-over salaried work;or even business creation. The capital -gains tax,is a lot less than the”ordinary income-tax”,And this is very likely to continue,since,IRA’s ,Roth IRA’s;and even Traditional Retirement plans,or government
    Thrift-Savings,strongly depends on long-term(inflation-beating),various asset returns.

  2. The Gipper is drunk on republitard koolaid.,. sounds as if he is okay with taking a hit so the right wing nuts can give their rich friends and donors a tax break

  3. It’s just wonderful that the poor and middle class must get raped so the rich can hoard more money. The taste is better for the imbeciles that voted for it! The rich now are having an orgasm just thinking about the cut in their taxes. More for themselves. The rich bastards aren’t going to hire more people, only speed up automation machine purchases.

  4. Well, it’s about time we got some decent news. It shows that making a lot of noise can make a difference if you are from a state that actually has some reasonable legislators. My redneck state is represented by ultra far right assholes and they are impervious to the concerns of anybody but rich asshole Republican agendas like more tax cuts for the rich, gutting the AMA, and hurting all their constituents who aren’t rich themselves. Yet, mystifyingly, people still vote for these jerks in droves because they fall for the pro-life/Christian favoritism spew, think Democrats will take their guns and rifles away and think it should be fine to own horrible assault weapons and all but applaud when some shithead goes berserk and murders 58 people in Vegas, and 50 in Orlando. But I’m glad some lawmakers did the right thing from other states that aren’t so swept up in the Trump era of ultra hate, ultra stupidity and intolerance, not to mention anti-liberty minded assholes who think the only people who should have rights are themselves. If you are breathing a sigh of relief about this article, thank a dirty liberal socialist for their vote, because your deviate GOP heroes sure didn’t help you.

    • Gee, you’re just one angry person, aren’t you?
      Do you even know what an assault weapon is?

      Can’t imagine why anyone would think that Democrats want to take our guns away. Could it be because at every opportunity, that’s exactly what they do? California, New York, Illannoy, New Jersey, Connecticut….need I say more?

  5. Isn’t is nice that the House passed bill would make cuts to federal employees and annuitants, while the rich would receive big tax cuts! Anyone, especially Federal employees, that voted for the Ratpublicans asked to be screwed. Why would one vote for someone that would stab you in the back? Do they lack self respect? So the rich don’t want to pay taxes? They expect the middle class to pay their share! The rich just want to hoard their wealth and just pay for country club costs and yachts. The Ratpublicans are taking us for a long ride over the cliff.

    • wtodd
      Same thing happened under Reagan. Took 60% of my 40 quarters of social security I earned before entering the post office.
      Not to leave out you used to be able to pull out your CSRS contribution upon retirement. For a reduced annuity (pension) Now they pro-rate your contribution in increments of up to 30 years.
      Yup Reagan. Did Reagan really understand what he was doing? Guess we will never know

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