Video: Rep. Schiff Discusses Postal Service Reform on MSNBC

On Sunday, March 3, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) discussed why they have set up the Postal Service to fail — so they can cherry-pick the profitable parts of the system. It’s all part of the attack on government.

9 thoughts on “Video: Rep. Schiff Discusses Postal Service Reform on MSNBC

  1. Sandy, you must’ve found out that you’re not eligible for the APWU retirement funds that were paid for with your dues money but only for APWU career officials.

  2. shoutout to hanna..i forgot to ask about your gut…lolol happy retirement…i hope they put all boxes on the curb if nothing else

  3. Actually, both parties are self-serving crooks. They both live at are expense. They are like lawyers in a courtroom. Throwing around accusations. Calling each other names. While we in the audience cheer for our party. Buying into one side of the argument or the other as the talking heads earnestly talk about who is against or for who. Meanwhile, behind closed doors, they are slapping each other on their backs. Reveling in how they keep us from realizing how they the winners as the public stays focused on the game. They take our money and then give it back to us, minus their cut. They play us like fools.

  4. Actually, the prefunding bill was initiated by Democrats. Democrats are also working on a bill that would confiscate your TSP account. You all better wake up and realize who your enemy really is.

  5. republicans see the retirement fund as a cash grab for their big lobbyists. the retirement fund is over-funded by 50 billion and republicans want a piece of it.

  6. If I take an early out from USPS, as a dues paying member of the APWU, will I be able to receive an annuity or lump sum payout from the APWU Retirement Fund for its members?

  7. “The USPS provided good middle class jobs for Americans for generations” –

    Which is why the GOP (Greedy One Percent) want to eliminate them. If you take away someone’s economic power you take away their political power.

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