Resident posts video of letter carrier and woman in back of postal vehicle

TRENTON — It’s unclear what exactly a local postal worker was doing in the back of a van with a woman who walked up to his van on Saturday, but it’s almost certainly not postal service work.

Despite no charges being filed, the mailman may still find himself in trouble. An employee handbook for the U.S. Postal Service said mail carriers are not to “loiter or stop to converse unnecessarily” on thier routes. A spokeswoman for the Postal Service declined to say what will become of the driver, but did say at no point are civilians allowed in a mail carrier’s van


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21 thoughts on “Resident posts video of letter carrier and woman in back of postal vehicle

  1. Someones going to get FIRED…..he is really stupid. Even I know that a mail carrier does not let anyone on the truck. I was a clerk and I knew that.

  2. As a fellow letter carrier, I found the jokes funny. The nosy neighbors need to complain all day that they “should be getting more mail.”Yes, it is inappropriate. I work in the same zone as my spouse, but we try to time it to be done within an hour of each oter

    go ahead and do it in your truck, lunch time is yours!

  3. He should’ve immediately requested to speak to his NALC shop steward. Then he should’ve gotten himself one of those FMLA conditions that causes him to go into a “fog” and not remember what he did. What a country!

  4. I look around when the sup is getting in my llv’s jumpseat all the time. What do you think I want to look at? These supervisors are disgusting people. The last thing I want to see is their backside as they climb over my seat to get in the back where the jumpseat is. You’re damm right I look at anything and everything out around the vehicle to keep my mind off the disgusting, ashtray smelling slug that’s tailing me for the day. If I want an opinion from a clerk, I’ll walk over to the swing room and ask for one.

  5. Tell me how this video was even made ? This clown just happened to be running video outside his window ?

  6. Bubub, you know as well as we do that she was not a postal employee…Did you not see how he was was looking around when she got in? I am a retired postal clerk and I can guarantee she was not a supervisor.The postal service is in debt because of email .Get off their ass for awhile. There is NO place in the world where you can send an item for 44 cents. Try it !

  7. That was a supervisor on a 99. She was riding in a jumpseat in the back of the vehicle. That is why you saw nobody arrested or cited in this “incident”. If this was really prostitution, you would have seen the woman taken into custody and the letter carrier as well. Officers cleared the scene and notified the distpatcher that the call was “unfounded”. But, please tell me how IF this was prostitution it would have anything to do with the “PO being in debt”? Moron shooting the video is an unemployed douchebag!!

  8. Postal Manual PO-701: “242.1 Authorized Passengers. Only postal employees
    with official postal identification may ride
    as passengers in postal vehicles in the course of
    their duly authorized duties.”

    Technically the prohibition on “civilians” in Postal vehicles applies to passengers riding in a vehicle. The carrier would have an easier time avoiding job repercussions if he had let the young lady out without driving the truck.

  9. I know of a Postmaster and supervisor that are well known for the same activities, nothing ever happened to them.

  10. If the police hadn’t stopped him he would have had another 5 minutes of break time and he was probably re-energized for the rest of the day,delivering faster, saving money for the USPS by the end of the day, and with all his mail delivered!!

  11. The one doing the filming needs to be placed under arrest for obstructing and delaying the US male service. If you live in a glass house…jealous basturd…..fat ass…don’t mess with the cook or the mailman, go get a real job mr. news media, the ruination of the country. Mailman is innocent.

  12. This carrier was obviously carrying someone else’s “leg”…if it fits it ships”!

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