Safety and Service – Postmaster General Updates Employees in Latest Video

In a new “Business Focus” video, PMG Megan J. Brennan thanks employees for making safety “a core value for the Postal Service.”


She praises employees for working safely throughout several instances of bad weather that affected operations this winter.

“Please continue to practice safe work habits,” the PMG says.

Brennan also discusses the first-quarter (Oct. 1-Dec. 31, 2016) financial results and notes USPS delivered 805 million packages during the holidays, a 15 percent increase from one year earlier.

“We’re keeping our value proposition strong in the package business,” she says.

However, the PMG also notes competition in the marketplace is increasing.

To better compete for business in all categories, the organization is making strategic investments in processing, transportation and productivity.

“We have to continually improve operating efficiencies,” she says.

Other topics addressed during the 5-minute video include recent service improvements and workforce development programs, including the new-employee orientation initiative and carrier training academies.

The video concludes with an overview of the postal reform bill recently introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives and a preview of upcoming stamps.

3 thoughts on “Safety and Service – Postmaster General Updates Employees in Latest Video

  1. I agree that the Post Office does need to cut their losses, but what would the numbers be if they cut the
    corruption. What if they were accountable on safety. It is pretty hard to believe that OSHA fined them for anything, much less for millions of dollars each year. It seems as though the only ones USPS would expect
    to pay the bill is the ones who did the proper thing in the first place. How can you increase the market share
    if the former employee’s are running for the hills.

  2. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Same old story. Safety safety safety. USPS and safety
    is an oxymoron. I have never seen more unsafe practices since
    Meghen Muffin took over. What a joke. Look at all the OSHA
    violations. Fire them all.

  3. “operating efficiencies”…..with 110,000 uneducated postal mismanagers…….losing 20 Billion a year? what the heck is this broad smoking?

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