Senator Bernie Sanders: Don’t Destroy the U.S. Postal Service – Protect Our Postal Service

reidsanderWASHINGTON, Dec. 4 – Warning that the future of the U.S. Postal Service is at stake, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today called on managers of the mail system to back off plans to slow deliveries and eliminate as many as 15,000 jobs.

Despite big increases in revenue, Postal Service managers are forging ahead with a self-destructive plan to close up to 82 mail-sorting centers and gut first-class mail standards.

“If Congress doesn’t stop the postmaster general from making these devastating cuts it will drive more Americans away from the Postal Service and lead to a death spiral of lower-quality service, fewer customers, more cuts, less revenue and eventually the destruction of the Postal Service,” Sanders said in a Senate floor speech.

House Republican leaders refused to consider a plea by 51 senators, a majority, and 160 members of the House of Representatives who signed a letter supporting a moratorium on the cuts.


Sanders strongly disputed claims that the Postal Service is going broke. In fact, from 2003 through 2006 the Postal Service made a combined profit of more than $9 billion. Increasing revenue would have resulted in nearly $1 billion in profits over the past two years except for an unprecedented requirement that the Postal Service sink billions of dollars into an already-flush fund for future retiree health benefits. The requirement was slipped into law at the request of President George W. Bush during a lame-duck session of Congress. “This onerous and unprecedented burden that costs $5.5 billion a year is responsible for all of the financial losses posted by the Postal Service since October 2012,” Sanders said.

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  1. Y’all voted to put that boy in the White House and gave him a load of cash too. What is he doing for you?
    If costs are not reduced there will be no PO.
    Volume is way down, revenue is down.

    NO, repeat NO residence needs delivery more than 3 times weekly. Get over yourselves ~~ your level of importance is still there just at a much lower level today.

    • SaltyCaptn is what is known as an internet ‘troll’.

      You will notice that this individual offers no actual facts or real advice, just misinformed opinion. I posit this is most likely because they are a Corporate shill trying to save their own EAS behind or someone whose interest lies in the industrial bulk-mailing industry…

      FACTS are:

      1st class letter mail still produces more USPS revenue than ANY other mail class/type. The loss of 1st class volume has leveled off and is back on the rise. The USPS has $5 billion cash-on-hand. I could go on and on, but the FACT is I shouldn’t have to. All of these FACTS and even the rhetoric SaltyCaptn is so fond of spouting the moment ANY even vaguely anti-craft piece is posted are ALL incidental. Why?

      Every single thing that has been done by Corporate since the reign of Donahoe began to ‘save’ the USPS is a felony crime under federal law, a.k.a. – illegal. Nuf’ said…

    • You’ll say that when that ONE thing you need the most that will only come via USPS, doesn’t show up on time.

      You deal with 3 times weekly FIRST, then tell me my job is not worth it.

      Then tell me that it’s OKAY that I’m homeless with no job, because only YOU could deal with ONLY 3 times weekly mail.

      You must be one of the ones that will be getting a cut of that 9 billion profit, and I’ll be homeless and jobless.

      Thanks for making all PERFECTLY clear.

  2. House Republicans are all for ruining any business or organization that has active unions. Some Senators feel the same way too, but because the House is so big with easily gerrymandered districts and full of districts that are populated by imbeciles that react to spin and fear, the crazies have a field day.
    We won’t see postal reform any time soon. When the newbies are sworn in next January the Congress will be divided three ways – Democrats who act like moderate Republicans, Republicans who are at least in some control of their senses, moderates I suppose, and the loony tune Tea Party, which will splinter the GOP and thus guarantee that nothing will get passed. In fact, the GOP could cave in on itself because of the extremism that’s infiltrating the party, and they don’t want to talk about it.
    The management of the USPS is derelict, incompetent and totally obstinate. They are not about to listen to anybody, customers, Congress or whomever. Only when laws are passed to stymie their idiocy will they conform to the wishes of the public. Such arrogance will have its day, but what goes around comes around, and after stepping on enough toes, management will regret their arrogance one day. Congress will have had enough and pass laws to protect the customer and the Service from itself if for no other reason than to preserve their own hides. Keep up the public pressure on D.C. That is the key.

  3. The more pertinent question Mr. Sanders should be asking his constituents
    is why we need to continue the 5.5 Billion into a flush fund. The answer is
    much ignored or dodged simply because it is a flush fund used as a “slush”
    fund for government projects. Repub Eric Cantor (before losing his seat)
    wanted to use this money for the depleted highway & transportation fund.
    The rob Peter to pay Paul scenario, it’s like your big brother taking all your
    money whenever he feels like it! it’s unfortunate that we have to be guided
    by a bunch of self inflicted greedy self righteous SOB’s who trend to the wants
    of special interest groups, company share holders, lobbyists, private sector
    CEO’s etc..etc. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand that fund was
    created to be a cash cow for other projects. All this consolidation talk could
    have been avoided by voting to eliminate this unneeded funding, but instead
    they allow it to continue to be the “elephant in the room”. It really is a travesty
    that the republicans have strengthened their hold in both the House and
    Senate knowing that Postal reform will be passed at the expense of the
    employee’s and their families. These senators enjoy sumptuous livings,
    tremendous wealth, free education for family members, free health care, and
    many more perks. It’s just that simple, get rid of the 5.5 Bill payment each year
    and there is no need for reform or consolidations! With all the palm greasing
    filthy greed going on in Washington it’s safe to say I’m wasting valuable time
    attempting to convey logic in this writing.

  4. I want to thank you for all your effort to try to help the American people and the US Postal worker to keep us employed. I am with the postal service 27 years as a clerk, on tour one and have seen them try to break it down with wasting money on upper mgmt. and doing some really ignorant things over the years. My famous expression is “it’s as if they’re doing it purposely to put us out of business” which to us the worker has never made sense. I do just want to say again thank you.

  5. Lets face the cold hard truth. There has been a concerted effort for quite a few years to destroy the USPS. There is nothing anyone can do to stop the consolidations nor can anyone stop the slow painful destruction of the USPS.

    It’s over guys the politicians that matter wont put through a moratorium because they are sponsored by Fed Ex and UPS.

    Might as well start saying goodbye to the well paid government jobs because the Republicans do not want you to have them anymore.

  6. In the end Congress the Boss no matter what you say ! If you folks don’t DO then the USPS is doomed to the fate you assigned it when you gave it up to fiddle with as a “Govt’. Corp” back in the 1970’s ! ! Shame on you ! ! !

    • Its simple to understand, big business owns the politicians that matter. Long gone are the days when politicians did what the people wanted/demanded. We are now at the days when Politicians do whatever lines their pockets. Don’t believe me? Then check out who the second biggest donator of funds was to Issa, give you hint UPS!

  7. Bernie, as much as I appreciate your efforts, your walking in circles with the postal issue. Simply, the USPS could become profitable again with the elimination of the Pre-funding mandate that was passed in 2006. 5.5 billion dollars at the beginning of the fiscal year is tough to come up with, I remind you that NO OTHER business or government agency has to do this.

    • This whole mess has been carefully and I might add skillfully orchestrated by the Republicans. Now all they have to do is sit back and watch the USPS fall apart. What’s worse is I use to vote Republican but I can assure you after watching this mess unfold I will never vote for a Republican again!

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