Senator Schumer asks USPS: Where’s Larchmont New York mail?


For Months Larchmont, And Now New Rochelle And Other Surrounding Communities, Have Suffered From Shoddy and Sporadic Mail Delivery – Or Worse, No Mail Delivery At All, Leaving Frustrated Residents And Business Owners Empty Handed Senator Says Post Office Has Failed To Deliver Bills, Passports, Medications And Other Critical Mail Residents and Small Businesses Desperately Need Schumer: Enough is Enough – It’s Time for USPS to Fix This Mail-Practice


LARCHMONT -Sen. Chuck Schumer called on the Postal Service Friday to make public the results of its study on mail service problems in Larchmont village.

“We are entitled to know,” Schumer said. “The Larchmont mail operation stands in direct conflict to the mission of the post office.”

Schumer, who said that there are “irregularities” with mail service across the country, called the scale of the problem in Larchmont unheard of.

Source: Schumer asks Postal Service: Where’s Larchmont’s mail?

18 thoughts on “Senator Schumer asks USPS: Where’s Larchmont New York mail?

  1. funny to watch the PO circling the drain. 40 years of corruption, nepotism, reverse discrimination affirmative action taking its toll. Donehoe’s IOD wench at he helm of the Postal Titanic…..priceless! keep buying UPS , FDX, AMZN stock!

  2. Senator Schumer should read these posts, although I doubt he or anybody on his staff will bother. The answers he wants are credible – the people he demands those answers from are not.
    It’s all about in house embezzlement in the disguise of unearned and undeserved “bonuses” or “performance pay”. Management does not give a rat’s ass about anything but their own pay, their power trips, and a sadistic streak in far too many across the country that has allowed abuses and maltreatment to go unchecked for decades. That’s it, Senator. Gross incompetence, negligence, nepotism and connections. Hiring a class of employees who are not career, and can go years before being converted to full time status at half the pay career workers receive – how would anybody expect them to be anything more than what they are – fast food style mail flingers who are bullied into running, carrying far more mail and discouraged from learning names, change of addresses or the importance of accurate delivery?
    PMG Brennan is thoroughly inept. She followed literally every step of the former PMG Patrick Donahoe, the worst in the history of the Post Office Department and the USPS combined, office to office, level to level. Create a governing body that is not a shadow of the USPS itself, like the joke the Board of Governors is. This board must have the authority to file criminal charges, remove crooked managers, address abuses both financially and professionally, force the management to follow the contracts with the unions they routinely violate and ignore, and eliminate all “bonuses”. Restore delivery standards, HIRE FULL TIME employees, and re-open closed plants. Eliminate the ridiculous pre-retiring requirements and return some of that money to the USPS for updating a decrepit and dangerous vehicle fleet.
    But I doubt anybody who can do something about the piss poor service and criminal activity is going to listen to low life craft employees or retirees like moi, because we are not worthy. At least to some people.

  3. Sen Schumer is know in NY for getting in front of a TV crew……..and never doing anything about it. it works, he makes a splash and that is all the useful idiots remember. Democrats are aware, as are Republicans that the Post Office is the retarded family member that no one wants to talk about….just push them in deep background. if you do not live in NY you should be aware that Larchmont, NY is were the 1% rich liberal Democrats live….the kind that give big bucks to people like UpChuck Schumer ($50,000-$100,000 and up political donations are chump change for them-they spend that sending their kids to Harvard & Yale for a year)……..surprised he did not put on a mail bag and deliver the mail himself to keep the money flowing. in NY most people think of Schumer as a clown. he has been out to Long Island, NY 115/117/119 hundreds of times about late/damaged/misdelivered mail and it only gets worse not better. think of the post office as a 747 at 35,000 feet that has lost all 4 engines, the glide ratio is 1 foot forward and a drop of 7 feet. you get the picture.

  4. The rpg system tells management to stop running mmp at 4pm and start running outgoing at 645pm. Usps claims this is going to save millons and put us back in the green!!!!! Really, your machines are sitting idle for 2hrs and 45min meanwhile the stupid over staffed clerks are standing around doing absolutely NOTHING!!! Pse clerks are not guaranteed 40hrs but instead management wont send them home but will complain about hours.

    • sorry pal…..Postal Circus has defaulted on pre-funding since 2009……they did not pay one thin dime. in addition, they have managed to lose over 120 BILLION since 2009….more than any other company on the face of the earth, since the beginning of time. put them “ON BUDGET” and let the chips fall where they may. 1st class mail is being lost at a clip of 10% a year(smart phones making it go away faster) and UPS, FDX, and AMZN will get 90% of the parcel business. Federal Department of Management and Budget has said if Postal Circus were a Fortune 500 Company, and a GAAP accounting audit were done it would come back as a bankrupt concern. people like you just want this place to go on for their own self-serving ends……..never cared a rats a@@ about the American Auto Worker… why should the American Citizens have to support a bankrupt concern…….money could put in other areas of government instead of this sink hole! if this dump was Boeing the airplanes would never get off the ground.

      • never said the workers were the cause of this bankrupt concern….100% is on the low IQ, no college, affirmative action wonders that have run the place into the dirt. friend, family, cronies, and quota bozo’s is no way to run a company. problem is they are dragging us down with them. Congress could care less. put em “ON BUDGET” so they can be accountable to OMB. UPS, FDX, AMZN make BILLIONS and these postal dolts lose BILLIONS……how long can that really go on?

  5. Chris Bacon, In a letter dated January 3, 2012, Rep. George Miller stated “While the original bill H.R. 2309 Postal Reform Bill of 2011may address some of the postal Service budget shortfall there are other ways to do so without affecting USPS services and Undermining Workers’ rights. The Postal Service is indeed facing financial challenges, but independent actuarial studies have shown that the primary challenge is the fact that the USPS has overfunded its Civil Service Retirement Fund )CSRS) by $50 to $75 Billion and the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) by an estimated $6.9 Billion. These overpayments are required by Law and, along with declining mail volumes and a shift to email, it is this situation — not the Collective Bargaining rights of Postal Service Employees— that has contributed to the USPS cash shortages”.
    Further, Bad management also contributed to this mayhem. Go figure !

  6. The toolbags in charge don’t give a hoot about the customers
    and whether their mail gets to them on time. The only thing
    these toolbags in charge care about is their pay for performance
    amount and will do anything illegal, immoral, unethical and evil
    to protect them. Scanning delivered before leaving the office, changing
    color codes, changing/editing times, etc, etc,etc. SO MUFFIN MEGHAN

    • James, The real definition of insanity is going to the creator of the problem expecting a solution! This has been a problem for years in those areas of N.Y. I’m aware and never visited the state so a solution is reversing those guidelines which is a direct result of unnecessary changes in the mail stream delivery systems. and the processing of all mail. Sen. Schumer must know the solutions are in the hands of Congress and their cohorts! Stop passing stupid changes with no thought of the customers in mind. i.e. Service Standards is a very good place for the idiots to start. Demand service standards are returned and overnight deliveries back in place. Ex: Four days to deliver a letter inside the city of Oakland, Ca, mailed on Monday and received Thursday afternoon, Please!

  7. It’s happening all over. I work in Connecticut and they tell all Carriers to be back by 530pm. Supervisors and bosses above them get big bonuses if they keep hours down.
    New Carriers are told to rush and accidents are happening at an alarming rate. Im afraid that it’s going to end up like the earlier years.

    • Chris go straight to your class. You are a bonafide knowledgeable Instructor. Everything you said are correct and on point. Congress greedy hands are looking and searching for money to splurge on their own behalf. If the American People ( Those so often spoke of… The American People) really knew how they are being screwed eyes wide open, there would be a United problem in this country. Stay Tuned…The Revolution will be televised! Everything in this World was supposed to be free until greed stepped in, Guess where the greed came from. Somebody needs to determine with clarity why we’re in the condition this country is in. Every darn thing is tied to corruption, mismanagement, and Thievery !

  8. Schumer is just being UpChucked by the Postal Circus…….every thing they do is to juice their PFP bonus scam money…….with the Postal OIG going along for the ride. Schumer should put the dump “On Budget” and make the Federal Agency of Management and Budget give them a Full Audit each every year. how do you lose over 120 Billion and not pay a dime in prefunding (default) since 2009 and still stay in business? one of the worlds great wonders! last quarter they lost 2.1 Billion……..I will guess they will lose 2.5 Billion in the 4th……their “Christmas” busy season. put a fork in the 110,000 PO mismanagers, they are done! You just know these Postal Bureaucrats are white collar criminals who would be busted under RICO in a sane world.

  9. Postal mgmt: “Senator, we don’t know nor do we care. That falls into the category of service, something we no longer do. Not to worry though; we still get bonuses while crying financial sky is falling.”

  10. It will only get worse when me and my sidekick,David Williams are finished degrading me! and you can’t fire me with no Board of Governors members and Congress looking the other way as I continue wreck this institution.

  11. The contempt of postal management for Congress knows no bounds. Even as they go hat in hand asking for legislation to be passed. Our esteemed District Manager once walked out of a Congressional hearing convened locally to address service problems. The offending town was subsequently taken out of the district. He was promoted of course and ended his career at l’Enfant plaza.

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