Senator Tester Meets with PMG to find out how USPS is addressing problem of delayed mail

10/5/2017 – Senator Defends Rural Montanans, Holds Postmaster Accountable

(U.S. Senate)-Following reports that postal managers intentionally delayed mail in Montana, U.S. Senator Jon Tester met with Postmaster General Megan Brennan in his Washington office to ask her how she was addressing the situation.

“The leadership at the Postal Service needs to understand that going back to the frontier days, Montanans have used the postal service to maintain their business, health, and stay connected-it’s essential to our way of life,” Tester said. “I told the Postmaster that she needs a concrete action plan to ensure that rural Montanans are getting their mail on time. I will ensure she keeps her word.”

Moreover, according to a separate audit by the independent, non-partisan Inspector General, mail delays and late arriving mail are inaccurately recorded due to a lack of training by Postal Service managers.

Tester, a relentless advocate for timely mail delivery, sits on the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, which oversees the Postal Service.

Following the release of the Inspector General reports, Tester sent a letter to Postmaster General Brennan calling for the firing of managers and supervisors who were found to have intentionally delayed mail.

You can read Tester’s letter to PMG Megan Brennan below:




Senator Tester to USPS: Terminate Faulty Postal Managers, Address Poor Service and Inaccurate Reporting

6 thoughts on “Senator Tester Meets with PMG to find out how USPS is addressing problem of delayed mail

  1. This week I delivered all of my red plums that I had on Tuesday…the remainder showed up on Friday???

  2. To circus never ends, you are spot on with every point you have made and I hope you have written a letter to Mr. Tester as well. In our plant, and maybe you can shed some light on this, we are now supposed to be clocking on to 073 which is a manual flats operation; for years it has been 074. Supervisors are particularly adamant about using the 073 function. The upper manager that implemented this also ransacked the desks and file cabinets and got rid of our Nixie operation that was truly a necessity. One thing I would add is that if bonuses were eliminated across the board and the reward was that you kept your job if the mail met its destination on time, the focus could potentially shift to actual customer service and mail delivery.

  3. Senator Tester, we who work for or retired from the USPS, such as myself, applaud your applying pressure to Brennan about the piss poor service your home state of Montana’s citizens are having to deal with. However, I must warn you if you haven’t already found it that Brennan herself is one of the proponents of the decreased service levels that are hurting all postal customers. Her goal is a selfish one – taking as much money as possible away from the USPS and stuff it in her pockets.
    She will no doubt as her predecessor Pat Donohoe did push the Board of Governors or other USPS high ranking insiders for an undeserved raise for accomplishments that are figments of her imagination. Other high ranking managers do the same thing. They call it performance driven bonuses – craft call it for what it is: embezzling and skim.
    Firing management that deliberately cooks the books is a good start, and I recommend you form a committee that does not answer to the USPS, or like the OIG has no real teeth or authority. This committee would ideally be able to not just identify those who are participating in the skim and fudging the numbers, but hold them legally responsible for corporate theft.
    Here’s a fact for you, and I do not mean to underestimate your understanding of the situation, but want to point out just the same: most of those who are fixing the numbers, from volume reports, to processing and delivery times are acting on orders from district and Area levels. Or Washington, D.C. itself. The problem here is similar to the old structure of the Mafia: the top dogs are well insulated by layers and layers of micromanagement that will take the fall every time so the elite can keep on stealing from the Postal Service, allow the quality to sink even lower, and lie like rugs to anybody who asks any tough questions. They basically are inferior copies of crooked private businesses, and want to be recognized as one of the big boys, so to speak. The business world knows better, and I strongly advise your approaching this problem with very cynical eyes because you will not be dealt with honestly.

  4. Tester must be up for re-election. Let’s face it, not a darned thing will be done about this. Just another photo-op for the entitled.

  5. It’s about time that the head toolbag is held accountable for
    the disaster that is the current USPS. Immoral, unethical, lying,
    cheating toolbags rule the roost. No one in Unmanagement
    is held accountable. Toolbags do as they please. What contracts?
    Late mail. Missing mail. Scan before delivery. Change color codes.
    Late deliveries. No one gives a hoot. Just give me my pay for
    performance check. What a joke. Fire them all. How are those
    new delivery standards working Meghen?

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