St. Louis MO mail carrier says she was bullied at work after injured on duty

“I thought about committing suicide because it had gotten that bad,” she said.

ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis mail carrier claims she was bullied on the job for months. Now, she’s on a leave of absence as USPS investigates the allegations.


She claims her supervisor called her a poor, sorry mail carrier and took away the task she loves doing the most.

“She deemed me unable to deliver mail,” the woman said. “We are the carriers. We need that same respect while we’re out there, just as well as we need that same respect while we’re in the office.”

Adding to the emotional pain, a fellow carrier constantly pestered her, she said.

“He’s also a shop steward,” she said. “Sometimes, he would come up to my case and start barking like a dog.”

It got physical, she said, when her supervisor threw a key at her stomach. It was a master key used to open blue mailboxes and buildings.

13 thoughts on “St. Louis MO mail carrier says she was bullied at work after injured on duty

  1. This doesn’t only happen to carriers and clerks, it also happens to supervisors that won’t join in this type of behavior. I was bullied because I openly disagreed with the treatment of the carriers and clerks at my station, until I was ready to give up and commit suicide. I tried to help them, and became a target myself. I tried to talk to several upper management people. No one heard me, believed me, or just didn’t want to be bothered. They will plaster the walls with the zero tolerance posts, and then it will all be swept under the rug. Business as usual. There is no “zero Tolerance” policy at the Post Office. My bullying lasted for about 2 years or more because of a new Manager, a supervisor, who happened to be her friend, and a clerk, who just recently was put off the clock, right as all of this came out, because she threatened a carrier. I was hit with equipment, screamed at inches from my face, ridiculed by all 3 at once, and packages were being thrown, hitting carriers in the back of their heads. But again, the clerk involved happened to be the managers friend. She didn’t see or hear anything. She would join in all of this until it was unbearable. I finally went to an upper management person who moved me to a different station. And the bullying continued. This clerk had scratched the entire back of my new car, cut the tire stem off of another clerks car, and many other nasty things that I can’t bring myself to write down. I am now driving an extra 15-20 minutes to get to my new station, while the manager and supervisor of that station, are still there. Still bullying and harassing everyone they feel deserves it. When is it going to stop? When are these people going to get what they deserve? How is this allowed to continue?? Why is this allowed to happen in almost every Post Office in St. Louis? Zero tolerance? Does what you have read sound like zero tolerance?? Someone needs to step in and “clean house”. All anyone cares about is who gets back before 1700, keeping OT down, the bottom line. If anyone would ever start caring about the people who work for them……well, anyone in the know, knows this will never happen. I used to be proud to be a Postal Employee. Not so much anymore.

  2. I was constantly harassed by two 204B and three regular supervisors, at different times during my employment with Usps. The nepotism ,buddy system and regular employees pushing up, supervising other employees without any professional training. The system doesn’t work.

  3. This is terrible how carriers are treated on a daily basis. Managers and supervisors should be fired for the way they treat the employees.Upper management looks the other way and if the postmaster or district manager do get involved all they do is move the problem some where else.

  4. A carrier was talking to her supervisor on the workroom floor. At the end of the conversation she turned and hit her head on a support post. Her reward? A letter of warning for working in an unsafe manner. Same postmaster issued 24 Letters of Warning on christmas eve. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Like many other posters I could go on for pages about this stuff.

  5. said “a fellow worker pestered her, was a union shop stupid, and would bark at her” she should thank her lucky stars that the company union shop stupid did not dry hump her leg! that’s your NALC union for you. po mismanagement/company union=race to the bottom!

  6. President Trump should force the US Postal Circus to pay into all 50 States in USA workers compensation insurance plans. with 95,000 on limited/lite/IOD shows you just another failure from these tools. Harvard Business School should have a class on how to fail in business….and use the money losing Postal Circus for all class material. it would be a hoot!

  7. I was a supervisor and the same thing happened to me from management and coworkers. After I fell and got hurt everything changed. I am totally disabled now and terribly depressed. I’m sorry that someone else ever had to go through the same things I did.

  8. keep telling you the company union covers for the criminal po mismanagers. just one more example. sell it off, give it away……President Trump, I want to work for Federal Express.

  9. our PM was in the local paper because his kid got bullied at school.
    Ironic, the way he treats those that work under him.
    Karma is a funny thing.

  10. As a retired postal employee, with over 37 years of service,this is nothing new. I could write a book about how injured workers are treated.A woman letter carrier injured her foot .After coming back from the medical unit she was assigned to STAND in front of a paper rack and work .Then management put her on the night shift.She had top quit her job A bunch of ruthless scumbags is what management is and ,i see, this hasn’t changed.An investigation should be started on the behavior of management and their treatment of injured workers. A disgrace and an outrage.

  11. Typical toolbags and CI union stewards at their best.
    I hope the two of them are fired because that is what
    they deserve. This type of harassment is prevalent
    around the country. Harassment is what stupidvisors,
    unmanagers and pissmasters do best. The PO is broken.
    Trump is lurking. Beware you useless toolbags. your end
    is near

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