Staff shakeups at Douglas MI post office leads to confusion, mail misplaced

12/20/16 DOUGLAS, MICH. – Staff shakeups at the Douglas post office have caused confusion over mail deliveries during the past several weeks.

City leaders have been reviewing a list of complaints, ranging from Christmas letters not received to a military absentee ballot misplaced. It’s not like Santa’s list; instead of gifts to deliver, city documents show a list full of complaints about what’s not been delivered.

Barton is one of the local residents who’s had problems with her mail, but she takes some responsibility.

“I didn’t receive it, but I don’t think I’ve put my Post Office Box,” Barton said.

Barton says in the past she didn’t to have to let senders know about her P.O. Box because the previous postmaster knew her and many others.

“If your mail didn’t have a P.O. Box on it, they would still just put it in your box,” Barton said.

source: Staff shakeups at Douglas post office leads to confusion, mail misplaced