Survey paints dismal picture of worker morale at Metroplex Mail Distribution Center in Pontiac Mich

June 10, 2016 PONTIAC, Mich. (WXYZ) – A workplace survey about the Metroplex Mail Distribution Center in Pontiac paints a dismal picture of workplace life.

Survey paints dismal picture of worker morale at Metroplex Mail Distribution Center in Pontiac Mich

The survey, exclusively obtained by 7 Action News, was sent out to more than 700 union workers in May. One hundred seventy five have responded so far.

The overwhelming majority call it a “toxic work environment” – circling words like “hostile”, “tense”, and “difficult” when answering questions.

This is the same facility where 5 workers died on the job in 14 months, the latest happening in October of 2015. All the workers died of natural causes.

Source: Survey paints dismal picture of worker morale at Metroplex Mail Distribution Center in Pontiac

9 thoughts on “Survey paints dismal picture of worker morale at Metroplex Mail Distribution Center in Pontiac Mich

  1. MMDC, Pontiac, Mich is Disney land compared to Mid-Island PD&C, LI, NY…….morale so low, everything looks like up! IOD Muffin Megan have another donut while you ponder the meaning of life! survey says!

  2. I worked for 24 years there andi had a heart attack. After that, they did everything they could to make my time there miserable. Anything to get rid of me. So many unethical supervisors. Such discrimination….. And I’m white. Yes people it’s real

  3. I blame the sorry pathetic unions of the craft employees for being spineless and corrupt. They need to be reforms in the postal unions for this job to comeback 100% like management stop micromanaging the workers and stop there drugged up realistic expectations to all craft employees. If these sorry unions can’t do it they should let a real Union take over like the teamster or CWA workers because they no how to stick up and reward there employees!

  4. Fire the immoral and unethical tools and thugs and maybe
    things will improve. The same issues and problems
    are nationwide due to the people in charge.

  5. Yeah, “natural causes”. What about the methane leak? Did postal officials pay off investigators to rule those deaths as natural to escape prosecution and/or lawsuits?
    People, when employees are going on TV or to newspapers and online news sites, you know there’s a very serious problem. I will be fair as far as my office is concerned – we are lucky. There was a time when it was the office from Hell, thanks to terrible supervisors and a gutless postmaster who ignored everybody to try to stay out of the spotlight. Well, that’s past us now, and we do have comparatively speaking, a good office.
    But that is not the norm. We hear horror stories from neighboring cities and other places that demonstrate just how badly the Service is operated, and why. Most of it, like a lot of businesses, is corporate nepotism. People get promoted based on being relatives to other higher ups, and if that isn’t enough, they are relentless and proud snitches and suck ups.
    Most of these types, not all, but most, have lousy records as craft employees, too. It seems that crooked behavior as a craft person is a plus to get inside, and I could mention some incidents I won’t get into.
    So again I ask, where is Congress or anybody with any power at all in all this abuse and mismanagement? The USPS must be held much more to close scrutiny. It shouldn’t have to take Congress to pass a law to make management reinstate the old delivery standards. But it will because the arrogance at upper levels is astonishing. After the disastrous results of the Postal Pulse survey, showing just how toxic the workroom floors can be, both chemically and personally, they swiftly spun it around to claim it was an “exciting” opportunity to get involved with employees, and even mounted a contest for managers to compete for working with employees and improving communications. That sounded good until you read that it is open only to District and Area management. For those who do not work for the USPS, the people in those two levels do not work with craft employees at all. They may in the same building, but most are not, staying in air conditioned offices well away from any actual installations. That makes about as much sense as making me eligible as an employee of the month for a place I’m not employed at. Dig deeper, media people. There are tons of huge tales of abuse and corruption you haven’t even scratched the surface of.

  6. There’s a lot more of the same going on at the Scranton, Pa P&DF 18505! Calls have been made and letters have been sent to upper management about the toxic work atmosphere. Management doesn’t care…. They just cover things up and protect their own! We’ll be making the news next.. Wait and see.

  7. I would bet that dismal morale is a part of most postal facilities… 18 years of service at 12 different offices in 3 states the feeling never improves …

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