Six Former Ravn Alaska Employees Arrested for Stealing Mail from U.S. Postal Service

Stolen Mail Included over 300 Apple Computers En Route to School Districts in Alaska Villages Anchorage, Alaska – U.S. Attorney Bryan Schroder announced today that six former Ravn Alaska employees have been charged by a federal grand jury for stealing mail, including Apple computers destined for village school districts, from the U.S. Postal Service.  One […]

New iPod touch 6th generation coming soon: USPS buys 5th generation for POS

New iPod touch 6th generation: A8 chip, Post Office buys 5th gen POS Stabley Times learned that at least some United States Postal Service locations have begun using the iPod touch as a handheld scanning device for checking out customers as recently at this month. That means USPS is making purchases of the iPod touch […]

iPad App sends handwritten cards in the mail

Personal, handwritten cards. Sealed, stamped and mailed. All from your iPad. Apple discontinued the iPhone app ” Cards” which allowed users  to create “personalized greeting cards with their own text and photos and have them delivered by First-Class Mail to any address in the world.” But Apple released an app earlier this year for iPad […]

Apple Quietly Drops USPS Delivered Greeting Cards App For iPhoto Sent via FedEx

Cards service is no longer available on iPhone and iPad A FAQ web page published Tuesday confirmed that Apple has quietly discontinued the “Cards” app and companion service for creating letterpress cards and having them delivered for one low price.