Arbitrator: Postal Workers entitled to administrative leave when voting in presidential caucuses

Unions Prevail in National Level Decision on Voting Rights In a decision issued on June 21, 2017, Arbitrator Shyam Das, concluded that postal employees including mail handlers are entitled to administrative leave (voting) under ELM 519.32 when they participate in presidential caucuses. The case was filed by the NALC, and the NPMHU and the APWU […]

Mail Handlers: Unions grievance could impact future USPS closures and consolidations

The Postal Service has temporarily suspended most of its plans to close and/or consolidate up to 82 additional postal facilities as part of Phase II of its Network Rationalization plans.  One part of the NPMHU’s opposition to this plan is the processing of a National-level grievance, claiming that the Postal Service has violated Handbook PO-408 […]

NALC: Two national-level arbitration cases decided

July 09, 2015 C-31979: National Arbitrator Shyam Das issued an award on July 2, 2015, upholding the Postal Service’s position that former City Carrier Assistants must complete a 90-day qualifying period following their conversion to career status before they may be credited with or take annual leave. (Both the APWU and the NPMHU intervened in […]

APWU: Arbitrator awards USPS maintenance employees $8.64 million

APWU: Maintenance Craft Wins $8.64 Million Remedy for Improper Subcontracting According to Steven G. Raymer, National APWU  Director, Maintenance Division and : Short Summary of the 18 year grievance: National Arbitrator Shyam Das ruled that evidence presented in arbitration supports a finding maintenance bargaining unit employees had the skill and capability to install  cabling for […]

APWU: Arbitrator Denies Union’s Grievance Protesting PVS Conversion to Highway Contract Route

July 2, 2014 – Arbitrator Shyam Das has denied a national-level grievance that protested the subcontracting of Postal Vehicle Service (PVS) operations in Columbus, OH.  In an award dated May 16, Das concluded that management’s decision to convert the entire Columbus PVS operation to a Highway Contract Route “did not rise to the level of […]

APWU: OTDL Employees on Penalty Overtime To be Priority-Scheduled over Casuals

In a decision [PDF] issued Jan. 10, Arbitrator Shyam Das sustained the APWU’s position that full-time employees on the Overtime Desired List (OTDL) must be scheduled for overtime ahead of casual employees on overtime, even if the OTDL employees would earn penalty pay. The ruling was issued in response to a 2007 national-level dispute initiated by […]