APWU: Oregon congressional delegation speaks out against USPS consolidations

Northwest Lawmakers Speak Out Against Consolidations 05/04/2015 – Oregon’s congressional delegation sent a letter to Postmaster General Megan Brennan, requesting a meeting, “as soon as possible,” to discuss consolidation plans and the future of mail delivery standards. Mail processing facilities in Bend and Pendleton are slated to close by the end of April, and the […]

Senator Merkley organizes entire Oregon delegation to demand PMG meeting

April 20, 2015  At the request of Communities and Postal Workers United, Senator Jeff Merkley (D) organizes entire Oregon delegation to demand PMG meeting about plant closures/consolidations. USPS completed Bend (except DPS letters) and Pendleton CSMPCs consolidation to Portland on April 18, 2015. Eugene P & DF consolidation to Medford and Portland plants were scheduled […]

Protesters storm Staples store, demand an end to postal contract

12.14.14 Dozens of protesters picketed a local Staples office supply store today, marching through the store chanting “the U.S. mail is not for sale” and “postal Staples has got to go” to demonstrate their grievances. The store manager refused to accept a petition signed by 1,500 Portland residents concerned about privatization of their postal services. […]

Postal Workers Cheer Postmaster General’s Resignation, Call for Moratorium on Closings

From: Portland Communities and Postal Workers United Immediate Release 11/14/14 Cheers went up from hundreds of postal workers today when the resignation of Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe was announced. The postal workers and their supporters rallied at Postal Service headquarters, site of a meeting of the Postal Board of Governors, and at 150 locations in […]

NALC Branch President Jim Falvey: Congress has created Postal Service crisis

Portland Communities and Postal Workers United Our President Jim Falvey made it into the Big O (Oregonian, the newpaper of record in Oregon).  He called the editor and argued for an “In Response” opportunity and got it.  This exchange started with a series of articles on the visit of the Deputy PMG, our protest and […]

Deputy Postmaster General’s Visit to Vancouver, WA Draws Ire of Protesters

Top postal executive’s visit draws protest by Portland Communities and Postal Workers United (Vancouver, WA) Deputy Postmaster General Ron Stroman drew the ire of dozens of postal workers and community allies when he visited Vancouver this morning. Carrying signs, picketing and chanting, the protesters massed at the entrance to the 2014 Mailers Conference at the […]

Portland Postal arrestees’ charges dropped

Portland Communities and Postal Workers United Activists vow to escalate pressure on the postal service “I suspect the authorities dropped the charges because their persecution just emboldened us to further spotlight waste, fraud, and abuse at the people’s postal service,” said Rev. John Schwiebert. Schwiebert was one of the “postal protector” arrestees who were charged […]

Staples store invaded by postal protesters

Portland Communities and Postal Workers United www.StopStaples.com June 20, 2014 Dozens of protesters, carrying signs and banners, stormed a local Staples this afternoon and attempted to present a petition, signed by 500 Portland residents who have pledged to boycott the office supply stores. When management of the store on NE 122nd off Glisan refused to […]

Postal privatization protesters take demands to home of USPS Portland District Manager

The wife and son of US Postal Service Portland District Manager, T. Kim Anderson, were shocked to discover protesters on the front porch of their Damascus home Tuesday evening. “Why did you come to our home?” demanded Cheryl Anderson. Explaining that they had attempted to secure a meeting with Mr. Anderson numerous times over the […]

Postal service tries to ditch door delivery, letter carriers fight back

By Jamie Partridge Despite telling local KATU news that it’s “just an idea.. we’re not really pushing for it…it’s just a discussion… they’re just talking about in Congress” , the Portland District of the US Postal Service is indeed soliciting property owners and managers to “convert” from at-the-door to at-the-corner “cluster box” mail delivery.  And […]