Video: Residents in Albuquerque confused as mailbox units stolen overnight

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – More than half the neighborhood in a Northeast Heights community woke up to no mail not because it was a day off for the postal service, but because a pair of group mailboxes were stolen overnight. Where there used to be two of these big group mailboxes, all that’s left are a […]

Video: Residents of new development in Texas unaware USPS mandated community mailboxes

McKinney homeowners frustrated over lack of mail delivery Residents in one new McKinney neighborhood are frustrated because mail isn’t being delivered to their home. For Kelly Broussard it’s been almost 2 months where she’s had to personally drive to the post office to pick up her mail. “My husband is pissed…cross-eyed pissed,” said Broussard. Broussard […]

Video: Residents of California community upset at USPS for lack of action on protecting their mail

A Bakersfield community is fed up with mail thieves breaking into their mailbox and stealing their packages Bakersfield, CA — A neighborhood experiencing mail theft keeps getting attacked and the people living there are fed up. “We’ve been reporting this to the post office, our carrier and the postal inspector – nationally – since April,” said […]

Thieves crack Canada Post ‘superboxes’ in Surrey BC

CTV Vancouver: Thieves target new mailboxes February 8, 2015 – The end of Canada Post’s door-to-door service has introduced a new problem in Surrey, B.C.: a rise in community mailbox break-ins. Thieves have apparently figured out how to break into Canada Post’s supposedly high-security “superboxes,” leaving residents’ mail vulnerable. Surrey resident Julie Parker says her […]

Canada Post unveils new community mailbox as post office halts door-to-door delivery

As the post office starts phasing out door-to-door home delivery, it is unveiling an updated community mailbox, with flatter slots and bigger parcel boxes. “These boxes are meant for the realities of today and the future,” said Canada Post spokesman Jon Hamilton. “The future is less mail in the box, and more boxes in the […]

Video: West Bakersfield, CA community mailbox stolen in the middle of the night

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – A woman in far west Bakersfield says her mailbox was stolen early Saturday morning. Kim Davis told 23ABC she heard a crash outside her home around 3:30 a.m. A neighbor stopped by later in the morning to tell her a community mailbox had been stolen. “People have stolen our mail before,” Davis […]