Michigan State Senator urges Congress to stop closure of Lansing mail processing center

(November 13, 2014) LANSING—A resolution sponsored by Sen. Rick Jones formally requests Congress to prohibit the U.S. Postal Service from closing or consolidating the mail processing and distribution center on Collins Road in Lansing. “It is long overdue that Congress and President Obama come together and finally fix the postal service,” said Jones, R-Grand Ledge. […]

Senate Committee approved Mickey Barnett nomination to USPS Board Of Governors

(November 12, 2014) WASHINGTON – Today, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee approved nomination to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Board of Governors. The nominee were ordered reported favorably en bloc by vote. Mickey Barnett is the nominee to be a Governor of the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors. Mr. Barnett was […]

NALC: The Latest on Letters – the Surprising Facts on Mail Volume

If you were to take a quick guess, would you say the volume of letters delivered in the last quarter by the U.S. Postal Service has risen or fallen? More than likely, most Americans would say “fallen.”  And who can blame them?  Certain members of Congress would have the American public believe that letter volume […]

NAPS: What the GOP Takeover of Congress Means and Postal Reform’s Future

What the GOP Takeover of Congress Means The Republican takeover of the Senate and expansion of seats in the House will fundamentally realign power dynamics in Washington. It means that the Republicans in January will control both chambers of Congress, likely leading to more bills over the next two years, both good and bad, landing […]

House resolution ignores provision addressing USPS consolidation plan

A spending bill to keep government agencies open appears poised to clear Congress this week, though the final iteration of the measure remains unclear. Lawmakers in the House debated the continuing resolution, which would fund agencies and avoid a government shutdown until Dec. 11, at length on Tuesday, with members of both parties agreeing the […]

160 House Members Urge USPS Plant Closure Moratorium

A large body of Members of the House of Representatives — 160 strong — today called upon House appropriations leaders to include in the stopgap funding bill a one-year moratorium on the closure of the 82 mail processing facilities that are slated for consolidation by USPS, beginning January 2015. The 82 plants are located in […]

Why can’t Congress get anything done on postal reform?

Why Congress Can’t Get It Done Why can’t Congress get anything done on postal reform? It seems I’m asked that question all the time – in conversations at conferences and conventions, in letters, phone calls and email correspondence. In part, the answer is a lack of understanding by members of Congress about how the USPS […]

NALC Branch President Jim Falvey: Congress has created Postal Service crisis

Portland Communities and Postal Workers United Our President Jim Falvey made it into the Big O (Oregonian, the newpaper of record in Oregon).  He called the editor and argued for an “In Response” opportunity and got it.  This exchange started with a series of articles on the visit of the Deputy PMG, our protest and […]

Dear Colleague Letter Sent to All House Members Seeking Moratorium on Postal Closures

The primary message of an NPMHU-endorsed August 15, 2014 “Dear Colleague” letter by Congressman David Joyce sent to all House members is to Support the Preservation of First-Class Mail Delivery Standards. In response to the United States Postal Service’s plans to close 82 mail processing facilities throughout 37 states in January of 2015, Representative Joyce […]

Deputy PMG: USPS reports quarterly losses in the $2 billion range due to pre-funding

How bad is the outlook for the Postal Service? Ronald Stroman, deputy postmaster general, doesn’t hesitate. We’re defaulting on our retiree health benefit obligations, he explains. We owe the Treasury $15 billion, he says. First class mail volume is declining about 4 percent a year, he notes. The Post Office should spend about $10 billion […]