Top lawmakers laughing at possibility of USPS using drones

Lawmakers scoff at postal drones April 26, 2015 Top lawmakers are laughing off the possibility that the U.S. Postal Service might rely on drones in the coming years. The Postal Service is looking to turn over what is widely viewed as an outdated fleet of delivery vehicles, seeking roughly 180,000 new vehicles to replace the […]

Pregnancy Discrimination Claims after Young v. UPS

This is an update to earlier posts on the UPS EEO pregnancy case that cited USPS policy: UPS throws USPS, APWU under the bus in pregnancy bias case before U.S. Supreme Court – Don Cheney Pregnancy Discrimination Claims after Young v. UPS 4/14/2015 by Brandon Johnson | McBrayier, McGinnis, Leslie & Kirkland, PLLC It was […]

Congressional Support Grows for Prompt, Reliable Mail

USPS Should Nix Mail Delays, Say Reps 02/23/2015 – The bipartisan coalition of lawmakers saying “No” to delayed mail is growing by the day.  Since the end of January, 46 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have signed on as co-sponsors of House Resolution 54 (H.Res.54).  The resolution, introduced by Rep. David McKinley (R-WV) […]

OIG White Paper: USPS financial condition, higher postage rates due to prefunding

USPS OIG White Paper: Considerations in Structuring Estimated Liabilities Be Careful What You Assume: Postal Service closer to being fully funded, or potentially overfunded February 16, 2015 – What if your credit card company told you: “You will charge a million dollars on your credit card during your life; please enclose the million dollars in […]

NALC joins ‘Grand Alliance’ to Save Our Public Postal Service

February 12, 2015 The NALC has joined a wide range of progressive national organizations in a coalition known as “A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service.” The alliance’s stated goal is to fight for the protection and enhancement of a vibrant USPS, both now and for generations to come. It is made up […]

USPS is still on GAO’s High Risk List for 2015

USPS has ‘partially’ met all five of the criteria for removal from the High Risk List. GAO suggests reducing mail delivery from 6 to 5 days  will improve USPS financial condition; GAO released its High Risk List report on agencies and as predicted USPS is still on the list. GAO: Restructuring the U.S. Postal Service […]

New House Resolution Takes Aim at Delayed Mail

01/28/2015 – Just weeks into the 114th Congress, a new bipartisan coalition of eight U.S. representatives is taking a stand for prompt, reliable mail service. On Jan. 27, Rep. Dave McKinley (R-WV) and Rep. Paul Tonko (D-NY) introduced House Resolution 54, which expresses the sense of the House of Representatives that the Postal Service should […]

NALC: Door delivery resolution reintroduced in House

1.9.2015 Ensuring door mail delivery continues Reps. Susan Davis (D-CA), David Joyce (R-OH) and Peter King (R-NY) are reintroducing their door-delivery resolution for the 114th Congress, calling on the House and Senate to “take all appropriate measures to ensure the continuation of door delivery for all business and residential customers.” The resolution will be identical to […]

6-day resolution re-introduced as Congress convenes

The 114th Congress was sworn in on Tuesday, and in the House of Representatives, Reps. Sam Graves (R-MO) and Gerry Connolly (D-VA) wasted no time in renewing their commitment to preserving six-day mail delivery by quickly introducing H.Res. 12. One of the first pieces of legislation introduced in this session of Congress, H.Res. 12 is […]