Video: Last Man Standing – Politics paralyzes USPS Board of Governors

The U.S. Postal Service loses hundreds of millions of dollars per year, in part because of competition from email and social media. People simply don’t send letters anymore. Several ideas have surfaced to improve the postal service’s bottom line, but the board which oversees its operations is essentially paralyzed. The problem is political. It turns […]

How a Major Postal Overhaul Nearly Made Its Way Into the CRomnibus

12.16.14 Senator Carper’s office disputes story that he tried to attach U.S. Postal Service overhaul to budget bill But what is most interesting – from this account in GOVERNMENT EXECUTIVE magazine on line – is for all Carper’s talk about the need to compromise, the senator resisted compromise on his own vision for USPS, and […]

NALC President Rolando: After the midterms, letter carriers’ resolve remains strong

It’s the day after the midterm election, and before I address what the results mean for letter carriers, I want to take the opportunity to publicly thank the active and retired members who took action before and on Nov. 4. Whether it was knocking on doors or making phone calls in the weeks leading up […]