Video: Houston family says mail carrier pepper sprayed dogs who posed no threat

HOUSTON (KTRK) — A northwest Houston family wants a mail carrier disciplined for spraying their dogs with what appears to be pepper spray even though security video shows the dogs posed no threat. The Cruz family’s three dogs were outside last Thursday but behind a closed gate when the United States Postal Service mail carrier […]

Video: Dallas postal workers worried about increase in loose dog attacks

Postal Workers To Dallas Officials: Handle Loose Dog Problem Dog-bitten Dallas mail carrier tells City Council that loose dog problem has gotten worse 5/26/16 Dallas mail carrier Randell Hebert still feels pain six months after a dog chomped his hand. Hebert was bitten in October after he dropped off a package at a Red Bird home. He […]

Postal Service Releases Top Dog Attack Rankings by City

May 14, 2015 WASHINGTON — To kick-off next week as National Dog Bite Prevention Week, the U.S. Postal Service released its top 30 dog attack city rankings and offered tips to reduce dog attacks to letter carriers. Nationwide, 5,767 postal employees were attacked last year. At today’s 9:30 a.m. ET event at the National Press […]

Blue Wheels: Life of a City Carrier Assistant (CCA)

Blue Wheels by Jess Stoner A writer becomes a carrier for the United States Postal Service out of a long-held love for the mail. What she discovers are screams, threats, lies, labor violations, and dog attacks. After taking a personality test online and another exam consisting mostly of questions evaluating the sharpness of my memory, […]

Video: Indiana man claims self-defense for hitting mailman

COLUMBUS, Ind. – Police in Columbus call it a clear case of battery. They say a mailman was essentially whipped with a dog leash after a pepper spray incident with a homeowner’s pets. But that homeowner, 54-year-old Anthony Wayne Stevens, claims he was nearly attacked first and acted in self-defense. Stevens was just back from […]