Saturday Delivery Faces New Challenge in House, NAPS urges members to take action

House Republican leaders last week backed away from a plan replenishing the Highway Trust Fund with the so-called “savings” from terminating Saturday mail delivery, after groups from both sides of the political spectrum, including NAPS, announced their opposition to the scheme and its foremost backer, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) lost his reelection bid. […]

Senators working on bill to raise gas taxes and not raid USPS to boost Highway Trust Fund

Two senators are working on a bill to raise the federal gasoline and fuel tax to boost the Highway Trust Fund. Finally. Sens. Bob Corker (a Republican) and Chris Murphy (a Democrat) are working on a bill that would raise the federal gas tax by 12 cents over two years to fund infrastructure projects, according […]

Donahoe’s Treachery: PMG Endorses Highway Budget Scam

Would End Saturday Delivery; Give ‘Savings’ to Highway Trust Fund June 16, 2014 – The Postmaster General’s latest act of treachery is so outrageous it’s hard to believe. Last week, he endorsed a budget scam that would eliminate Saturday mail delivery and hand over the alleged “savings” to the Highway Trust Fund. The ploy, which […]

House GOP Drops Postal Rescue for Highway Fund After Cantor Defeat

House leaders are setting aside a plan to finance a short-term extension of the Highway Trust Fund with cutbacks in U.S. Postal Service operations after a late barrage of opposition from rank-and-file members. “The proposal to end six-day [mail delivery] was not well received by a large portion of the Republican conference and appears to […]

NALC blasts PMG for endorsing highway budget scam, misleading Congress

June 14, 2014—UPDATED June 16—Earlier this week, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe recklessly endorsed the House of Representative’ leadership’s outrageous ploy to use massive job and service cuts in the Postal Service to “pay for” a short-term extension of the Highway Trust Fund, which will run out of money in August if Congress fails to raise […]

GOP cool about plan to funnel money from USPS to Highway Trust Fund

HIGHWAY BILL HIJINX: Today marks two weeks since House leaders told their Republican colleagues about a plan to patch the Highway Trust Fund with changes to the Postal Service — and it hasn’t won over many people so far. Of four House Republicans — three on the Transportation Committee — who spoke with MT about […]

Will Cantor’s Defeat Sink the Highway-Postal Delivery Deal?

A funny thing happened to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on his way to pushing an aggressive June legislative agenda that included a modified postal delivery schedule. He lost his Virginia House seat in yesterday’s GOP primary election to economics professor Dave Brat. The surprising defeat led the Washington Post to opine that House legislative […]

House GOP Plan to Fund Highways – strangely – puts USPS in Jeopardy

What does funding highway projects have to do with the mail? Absolutely nothing. But Republicans in the House are considering a proposal to temporarily pay for highway projects with a drastic cut to the U.S. Postal Service: eliminating six-day mail delivery. Yes, you read that correctly. With the deadline approaching to find a revenue source […]

NAPS Leg/Reg Update: House Leaders Target Saturday Delivery

House Republican leaders are preparing a proposal to replenish the Highway Trust Fund by scaling back Saturday mail delivery.  The Highway Fund, which is running out of money, provides federal dollars for federal and state highway projects. The so-called “modified Saturday delivery” plan being developed by House GOP leaders, including Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), has […]

USPS: GOP Proposal would help highway fund and provide USPS some financial relief

Saturday delivery update Latest proposal would help highway fund House Republicans last week proposed allowing the Postal Service to stop delivering most mail on Saturday and to use the savings to keep the federal Highway Trust Fund from going broke. In a statement, USPS said, “Allowing the Postal Service to implement a five-day mail/six-day package […]